Daily Archives: Saturday, July 31, 2010, @ 8:09 pm

Day 63: The sign said “Cook out – 6:30”

Today was the day – Olivia was supposed to get her stitches out.  From that perspective, it could have been a disappointing day but as it turned out it was possibly the best day ever.

It all started Thursday, when I arrived at the beach with Ely boat. Beth and Anna were talking about the guard camp and I remembered reading in the Crawford County Avalanche that Friday was the annual Michigan National Guard Review at Camp Grayling and the public was invited. I mentioned this because Anna’s boys, Nick and Kris, love to play army with William and Olivia. In fact, this is what they were doing when Olivia injured herself last week. Continue reading Day 63: The sign said “Cook out – 6:30”