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Day 65: Our last Sunday at the cottage

The fog shrouds the shore on the other side of the lake.

This is our last week at the cottage. It has been a great summer. We can all look back at the summer, smile, and realize that our days have counted. Each day has been a great day, for one reason or another.

For the past few years, this Sunday has marked our return to Wheaton and reality. Not this year, William decided not to play football this year and it means we do not need to be back for evaluations and ‘team selection.’ His decision gives us more time up north and we can visit with Beth’s sister Jill and her two boys: Sam and John. They arrive Monday afternoon and the kids cannot wait to see them. They live in Texas and we do not get to see them except for holidays and briefly during the summer when our paths cross at the cottage. Grandma and Grandpa will be driving up from Ohio Tuesday and it will be a full house, or rather a full cottage. Continue reading Day 65: Our last Sunday at the cottage