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Back to School: New day counts begin….

Ivy and I work on the deck, Sunday afternoon...

When I woke up Thursday morning, a new day count began…. Summer was over, really over, and school was back in session. Well, not really. School for teachers was back in session. States across the country have different school codes and thus require students to attend differing amounts of school days. In Illinois, the state requires the school calendar to have a minimum of 185 days including student attendance, in-service, and emergency days. I have kept track of the days the past several years trying to make each of the days count. I have embraced the idea of making the days count for some time. I have even gone so far to number each student attendance day in my planner with the corresponding days remaining on my master calendar. Therefore, the first day of student attendance looks like 171-1: meaning 171 days remain and 1 because it is the first day of school. There are other days including parent conferences, in-service days, and teacher workdays – I just have not numbered them. Continue reading Back to School: New day counts begin….