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Free Write Friday

My cutout and character for the class wall, the kids will appear next week

Every Friday in Language Arts is Free Write Friday or rather was…. I write in Free Write Friday, at least try to write most Friday’s, to model the practice. Yesterday, I used the computer and typed instead of using my notebook. Below is what I wrote for Free Write Friday…. 

I walked in this morning, late. I really need to work on this. I have not been sleeping well and it is affecting me in so many ways. I am tired and not as effective as I could be in any of the areas of my life – father, husband, son, or teacher. Continue reading Free Write Friday

Week 4: Being Amazing and Brilliant – Part 2

The American flag flies on 9/11 in front of our home.

It is hard to believe, but I am seventeen days into the school year with 155 remaining. Mind you, I am not counting them, but rather working to make them count. In my last post, I referenced Mawi’s Unstoppable Blog: A blog for unstoppable educators & anyone who wants to be inspired. I had stumbled across his post and shared it with my students last Friday – over a week ago. Over the course of the week, I have reflected back to that moment in class when I challenged my seventh graders to be amazing and brilliant. At the same time, I challenged myself to do the same. Continue reading Week 4: Being Amazing and Brilliant – Part 2

Amazing and Brilliant Today?

Amazing and Brilliant Today?

As a teacher, especially a Language Arts teacher I read ALOT! Over the years, I have been exposed to many writers and thinkers. One of the writers who most impressed me was Mawi Asgedom, known simply as Mawi. I first met him when he spoke at my church about his journey from Ethiopia to Sudan to America and finally to Harvard University. His story is amazing and commendable; he wrote a book chronicling his journey of overcoming the many obstacles stacked against him in our society about how he overcame them through hard work, dedication, and focus. Continue reading Amazing and Brilliant Today?

Week 2: Recap and MtDC!

Olivia with our friend Adam - on the track rooting on the Tigers!

The week went quickly. Monday, Tuesday were over before I knew it. Hump day – Wednesday arrived and passed, then Thursday and finally Friday. It was the week before Labor Day and we (me, my family, and my students) all had something to look forward to, a three-day weekend, or if you are my students a four-day weekend because we have an in-service day Tuesday.

Continue reading Week 2: Recap and MtDC!

Week 2: Tigers and High School Football

Olivia and William root on their Tigers! State Championship game 2009

Nothing means Fall more than high school football. Of course there is cool crisp air and fall weather. It is leaves falling, harvest, pumpkins, apple picking, and Halloween.  Last year for Halloween, and the previous one as well, Olivia dressed as a Tiger. She came home from her school’s Halloween celebration and did not want to take her costume off. Continue reading Week 2: Tigers and High School Football