Monthly Archives: October 2010

Saturday: Halloween eve

The front maple taken on Saturday, October 30th

It is the Saturday before Halloween and after a stormy week which included our first hard freeze of the season. The forecast promises 60° temperatures for perhaps the last time for a while, but you just never know. The leaves are falling and the front yard is almost complete. It is dry which makes raking and leaf pick up that much easier. Continue reading Saturday: Halloween eve

Day 45: The Writing Process

Me in front of the list the class created this afternoon.

Teaching Language Arts is fun and I am learning more each day. Though, not as much fun as teaching geography, but I am learning and growing to like it. The students this year are enthusiastic and excited about learning. I know much of it has to do with my attitude and comfort level in the classroom. I have always been open with my students about what I think, how I learn, and the kind of student I was in seventh grade. Continue reading Day 45: The Writing Process

Day 38: Counting….

“We ought to hear at least one little song every day, read a good poem, see a first-rate painting, and if possible speak a few sensible words.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I was leafing through a book of quotes and quips and came across the quote above, it made sense and resonated with me.  We all try in some way to make our days count, to make a difference, to be a leader, and to be the change in the world we want to see. Speaking a few sensible words falls into that category, so today I just have a short post. Continue reading Day 38: Counting….

Fall, leaves, and walking Ivy

Fog hugs the ground as the sunrises on a cool morning in early October.

It has been fall for over three weeks now. The autumnal equinox has come and gone. September 22nd marked the official start of autumn in the northern hemisphere and relatively equal day and night across the globe. That day, three weeks ago, we had twelve hours and eight minutes of daylight counting the daylight between sunrise and sunset. Today, we had eleven hours and six minutes and each evening and when the sunsets, we will have even less. Fall is here and we are on our way into winter. Continue reading Fall, leaves, and walking Ivy

1492 – Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue, the rest of the story

Painting of Christopher Columbus taking possession of the new world. In the painting, Columbus kneels on a rocky coast, with a flag in his left hand and a sword in his right. He is surrounded by European men, some of them bearing flags. In the background, three ships are in the water.

 This was supposed to be the weekend I caught up but, time is fickle and just as Johann Goethe, the noted German philosopher, wrote, “Every man has only enough strength to complete those assignments that he is fully convinced are important.” So therefore, I accomplished what I felt was truly important. Some of my to do’s will just have to wait for another day, or week. 

Columbus Day is one of those holidays that was intended to celebrate diversity when it first began to be celebrated in the late nineteenth century. The holiday has since been mandated as an official federal holiday, but it is now outdated. Continue reading 1492 – Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue, the rest of the story

The moon, the stars, and Ivy

I woke up late this morning, relatively. It was 5:30 and I would have preferred to wake earlier say 4:00 or 4:30, but I was awake. Over the years, I have learned to get up earlier and get a start on the day. Never the less, it gave me an opportunity to take Ivy for a short walk  in the crisp autumn air. The weather has turned cooler and we even had a mild frost yesterday morning. Though, I expect cooler and frostier mornings ahead. Continue reading The moon, the stars, and Ivy

Reading and Football – Week 6

I set the coffee to brew automatically hoping that the aroma would be enough of an incentive to get me up and out of bed before the rest of the house awoke, but I only beat Olivia by an hour. We were up late as we are most Friday nights in the fall. It is high school football night and our Tigers won, again. They have a solid team and so far they are 6-0 and ranked number one in the area. The Tigers have a lightning fast offense and a swarming defense which has allowed no more two touchdowns in any of their games, while at the same time they have averaged over 40 points on offense. Continue reading Reading and Football – Week 6