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Tom Regner's football card from 1970 - I have two of them!

I grew up in Sugar Land, Texas in the late 1960s and lived there through the mid- 80s. My mom still lives in the house we grew up in, though it is quieter today than it ever was when my brothers and I grew up. It was at the early age of eight in 3rd grade in 1970 that I became a football fan. I was a fan of the Houston Oilers, who were not very good in the early 70s. Our next-door neighbor was Tom Regner and he played for the Oilers. The 1970 season was his fourth as a professional after a college career at Notre Dame where he was a first team All-American in 1966. As a third grader, and even today, I remember him being big, Continue reading Allegiances

Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend

Lafayette County Courthouse with a Confederate soldier facing south in memory of his comrades.

I am in Oxford – Oxford, Mississippi. A couple of months ago, in late November I texted my bother Warren – ‘Hey what do you think about Oxford for MLK day?’ Warren, being Warren, texted in return, ‘Wouldn’t Selma be a better choice?’ I have to admit he got my message, but he had me in the one-liner department. Continue reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend

New Year’s Day

A panoramic view of the lake - you can see the ice on the lake.

New Year’s Day is meant to be a day to watch college bowl games or at least that is what I grew up doing. I remember my first memory of New Year’s Day and it was New Year’s 1971. 1971 was the year that cigarette advertisements on television were outlawed and the Marlboro man was history. I remember the Cotton Bowl from Dallas and watched Notre Dame defeat Texas. I was in third grade; I remember watching the game with my dad and rooting for Notre Dame with my dad who was a rooting for Texas, Continue reading New Year’s Day