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Pridie Aprilis – last day of March

End of March, last day of the first quarter, March thirty-first, or the day before April Fool’s. The Romans used a different calendar and thankfully Julius Caesar reformed it and later Pope Gregory added his touches but for the ways to say a date no one beats the Romans. The Ides of March, which appears as a warning to Julius in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” is the fifteenth of Martius.   Continue reading Pridie Aprilis – last day of March

Spring Break – Mr. Freeze style!

William and Olivia - on the lake, last year they were in it!

Minus four at the airport, five on the temperature gauge at the cottage. There is no other way to say it, it is cold.

We left yesterday afternoon for a short trip to the cottage and visit with grandma and grandpa. We picked William up after his merit badge class – Citizenship in the World – stopped at Trader Joe’s and we were headed north by four. Continue reading Spring Break – Mr. Freeze style!

Spring Break – It’s Here!

The three of us, dad, and Julie May 1980, from a scanned slide

I set my alarm for 5.15 this morning, because I wanted to get a jumpstart on the first day of Spring Break, but instead I slept in until 6.15, dressed, and was out the door to get my haircut at seven. I enjoy the weekend mornings with time to read the newspaper and get a start on the day before everyone in the house is awake. Spring Break is here and I want to make the most of it. Continue reading Spring Break – It’s Here!

two – one hundred, twenty-three – forty-seven

four crocusses - open for the world to see! Saturday, 3/19

two – one hundred, twenty-three – forty-seven; No, that is not my locker combination! If it were, it would have to be a very large dial or one with very small numbers and even if it were my combination, I would not be able to read it. I woke this morning to the blaring of my alarm clock reminding me it was time to get out of bed and start a new day, a day that promises to be one more closer to spring break. The kids, my students, are restless and I must admit so am I. It is two days, two school days, before spring break. Continue reading two – one hundred, twenty-three – forty-seven

Saturday: the super moon, equinox, and spring…

three 'brave' crocusses poke up through the soil - Monday 3/14.

Fourteen minutes since Monday, we have gained fourteen minutes of sunlight since Monday! I fell fast asleep last night as the moon was illuminating Earth brightly. This morning a light frost graced the ground and rooftops, it will burn off later this morning as it warms up into the fifties. Monday afternoon, I was scouring the yard for signs of spring and I found couple of crocuses poking its head above ground in the backyard along the stone path. We will all be outside today and I will be looking for more signs. It has been a busy week, the days are screaming by as we get closer to spring and spring break and warmer days. Today is Saturday and it will be a busy day – as they all are. Continue reading Saturday: the super moon, equinox, and spring…

Spring, it’s a comin’

Yesterday as we were cleaning up from the Green and Gold banquet, I spied a patch of Earth with some shoots pushing through.  When, I got home I looked around our yard for signs of sprouts and found none, but I will be back out again looking; it’s the time of the year when I scour the garden looking for spring’s first crocuses, daffodils, and other signs of awakening after a long winter. Spring, it is almost here. Continue reading Spring, it’s a comin’

The List

several lotto tickets - waiting to be checked!

The other day, I went to the grocery store with a list, Beth made the list and it included everything I needed. I ran my errands and drove to the store. I got out of the car, forgot about the list and left it inside the car, where it was safe, and went inside to shop for groceries. I added items to my cart, remembering the items from the list, as I walked down each aisle.  I checked out and drove home. Of course, when I walked in and unpacked the groceries Beth asked where the sour cream was and it was still at the store on the shelf, where I had left it. It was on the list but evidently, it never made it to the Iist, I used. If it were the first time, I suppose Beth could have forgiven me, but this happens all the time; I make a list or am given one and do not use it. Continue reading The List