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One year later…

William shows his colors on race day! GO Danica!

It has been 52 weeks since I began this odyssey called Making the Days Count dot Com. A year ago, school was out and summer vacation lay before me. Today, we have six days spilt over two weeks remaining in the 2010-11 school year and the kids are antsy, the teachers are antsy, and we are all ready to move to the next level. The kids are excited about the next grade and the teachers are looking ahead to summer vacation, recharge and the mental reset for the next set of incoming students. For me it will be this year’s sixth graders and my next batch of seventh graders. In the meantime, it is Memorial weekend with parades, barbecues, and the Indy 500. Continue reading One year later…


Where did the weekend go? frame from "Prickly City" by Scott Stantis 4/17/11

I love a good laugh, but sometimes the laugh strikes too close to home. Growing up I religiously read the comics. It was the first section of the paper I read, after the sports section. In adulthood, my sense of humor has become more mature (at least I think so) and I read political cartoons to get a chuckle. I follow several cartoonists including the Chicago Tribune’s cartoonist – my hometown newspaper – Scott Stantis. In addition to be an outstanding cartoonist, he draws a comic strip called “Prickly City” and I read it when I visit his blog. I came across the strip below over a month ago. I laughed and laughed, then cried, because that is exactly how I feel when the alarm clock rings on Monday morning. Continue reading Crud….