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Wednesday and the Order of the Arrow

It was cold Wednesday morning, when we woke up. I lay inside my sleeping bag with just my head out and heard a few scouts and adults stirring around camp. I heard someone say, ‘It was 42 this morning.’ The forecast had called for a low in the forties, but 42 – that’s cold for the last part of June, even up here. I was the last adult up and out of his tent and the last to leave camp for the flag ceremony and breakfast. The scouts are well into the camp routine, even the newest scouts. Breakfast, and then off to classes. All of the adults attended the scoutmaster meeting with the daily briefing and then we hiked back to camp taking a shortcut that wasn’t. It was okay, though, we can use it as a Geezer requirement! Continue reading Wednesday and the Order of the Arrow

Tuesday and chili

the view from inside my tent

I stayed up late last night and crawled in to bed, much too late. It was cool and in the fifties and windy; I could hear the wind whipping through the trees and the sound soothed me as I tried to get warm snuggling inside my sleeping bag. I attempted to read before I fell asleep, but I couldn’t. I was just too tired. That’s what it is like here. I am just like the scouts – working hard at having fun, but it doesn’t seem like work at all and it is very tiring. Continue reading Tuesday and chili

Monday – Battle of the Bands

Smiley the Tent watches over the trading post

Light comes early at Tesomas, about quarter past five and I stirred but didn’t get up. It had been a late night Sunday and I was enjoying snuggling inside my sleeping bag. I am certain I wasn’t the only one. My alarm sounded at six and I reluctantly crawled out of bed and joined the group of scouts at the picnic table. They were excited about the coming day and possibilities it held. Continue reading Monday – Battle of the Bands

We’re here

Six AM is early, even for a geezer like me. Nevertheless, we started early this morning and kept going all day long. Twenty-four of Troop 35’s scouts and six its adults met to leave for summer camp this morning and we all arrived on time, loaded trailers, piled into cars, and left home for a week full of adventure and fun. Parents waved goodbye and wished us well, but they knew we would all have a fun time return changed – ever so slightly. Scout camp is like that. Continue reading We’re here

There and back

It is early Sunday morning and it is still dark out. It is quiet and I am sad, Ivy is not at my feet or curled up on her pad in the kitchen or whimpering because she wants to play and I want to work. She is in Ohio at the kennel where Olivia and momma are staying with grandma and grandpa – I know she is wondering if we left her, again. It has been busy and I have a fuller appreciation of the workings of the house, kids, and a dog. Granted, the week has been complicated by VBS and several doctor appointments, but nonetheless, keeping all of the plates spinning requires quite an effort and even more concentration. Continue reading There and back


Weather fascinates me. Really, the changes in the weather are amazing, especially in our area – the Midwest.  Growing up in Texas, we had two kinds of weather hot and humid or cool. Texans would claim that my cool is cold, and I would have, too until I moved here. Here summer weather can be hot and at times, but for the most part, it is mild. Right now, it is 59 and cloudy with partial clearing forecast for later in the morning and into the afternoon. The forecast high is 70 and it will drop down to 57 overnight. After twenty years of Midwestern summers, I have gotten used to the weather and I enjoy sleeping with the windows open when I can, having to throw on a sweatshirt when I need to, and wearing shorts most of the time because it’s summer. Continue reading Weather


“Would you go back and change anything? I mean, would you still become a teacher?”

That was the question, which started the whole discussion.  It was from a girl in class, who could ask a provocative question without realizing it and it was in response to why I became a teacher. Sometimes kids ask questions and want a simple answer, a yes or no, a fact, the short answer to the question. And, well there are no simple answers. My classroom rule about questions is – if you ask a question you should expect an answer. Sometimes the answer is a story or an explanation. Continue reading Influences

Two weeks

It has been two weeks – yes, it has. The days have flown by and I can report I have done quite a bit, but there is more to do. Yesterday was a hectic day and ended with crazy weather. Summer is officially here the solstice happened at 12:16 PM on June 21st! Today is the fifteenth day of summer vacation and the quest to make them count continues! Continue reading Two weeks


I love trains. I have always loved trains. When I was a kid, I loved watching trains and I can remember getting my first toy train for Christmas when I was five. I ran that train all day until it stopped working. My mom loves telling that story, especially to William and Olivia. A few years later, when I was in fourth grade I got an N-scale train for Christmas and I played with it until I grew up. Well, I grew up but I am still playing with trains or at least collecting them. Continue reading Training