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Veterans Day 2011

a poppy, symbolic of veterans everywhere

It is Veterans Day and I am off school. My students are off school and it is a vacation day. But, not all schools are out, my kids are in school and a few other local school districts are in session. I teach in one school district and I live in another. It is nice to have a day off, but it would be nicer to celebrate what the day means and honor veterans for the service and sacrifice.

So far, I have accomplished little with my day off. It sounds like a whine, and it is. I took Ivy to the groomer and have picked her up – she’s resting upstairs, I have e-mailed a few folks, replied to a few comments, called my mother-in-law, talked to a friend about a fantasy football trade – I declined, and in general had a restful day. It is Veterans Day and I should have done more with it than I have. I feel guilty. Continue reading Veterans Day 2011