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Winter Break

Ivy sleeps, no worries
Ivy sleeps, no worries

Like most, no all, teachers, I eagerly waited for Winter Break. I knew how many days there were between Thanksgiving and break. I worked at making the learning count, while still counting the days until I could breathe. I dreamed. I made plans. Then, I got sick and ruined it all.

Since I have been married, I have spent Christmas in Ohio with my in-laws. I could not have chosen better in-laws, truly. There have been only a couple of times when I woke in my own bed on Christmas morning, and those were times when one of us was sick – me, B, or the kids, and travelling was just not a good idea. And, then we eventually made it to Ohio a day late. This year it was me. This year I had made it all the way to the last Friday Continue reading Winter Break

Let it snow!

winter 2012

When I logged on this past Monday morning, the weather app thundered at me. It makes the thunder sound to alert me to a weather event; a watch, a warning, or worse. Often, it is an event in progress like a thunderstorm. This was warning me of the impending winter storm forecast to hit the region Thursday and Friday. Well, the storm came through last night. We got rain all Wednesday night and Thursday morning, then it got cold and started to snow. It was nice to watch, but it didn’t snow near enough, just enough to coat the grass and cover the ground with a thin white layer and not even enough to shovel off the driveway. But, it is a start and that means I can turn on the snow, on the blog that is.

Today is the day before Winter Break at school and the kids were wound up yesterday. Today is gonna be a letdown, because they were hoping for snow day. It didn’t happen, regardless, it is gonna be a great day! I know it, it’s the solstice and so much more. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one snowflake at a time.

What are you gonna do to make today a great one?

More numbers…

image courtesy of the New England Patriots and the NFL

It was a crazy day, Friday. My day began with a meeting, then an impromptu school tour with my advisory students, after the bell rang. We looked at how former students have left their mark on the school. We looked at the support posts, the pillars, which have been decorated with character traits: strength, courage, and patience – to name only a few. They were painted from drawings made by students a few years ago, who have since moved on to high school and, in this case, to college. I took them to down the main hallway, pointing out several spots, which we all pass by without thinking because they have become part of the scenery, like a billboard or a signpost along the road. We ended in the main entry hallway where flags from around the world hang. Continue reading More numbers…


christmas tieIt’s 12-12-12 and it is the 73rd day of the school year with 99 to go, counting today. Though, my students are more worried about how many days it is to winter Break and Christmas and I am on day 3 of the ten days of Christmas ties! I wear Christmas ties to school the last two weeks and I have just enough to make it ten, this year. Maybe next year it will be twelve, who knows? It sure beats those gaudy Christmas sweater I remember from my grade school teachers, but I guess I trade it for gaudy Christmas ties! It’s all about perspective!

Last night on our way home from O’s basketball game, she and I got a quiz question on the radio; ‘How many presents would you get if you got all of the presents in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas?”’ We worked on it and had the right answer when the song was over and the announcer came back. We gave ourselves a high five! She scored two baskets for four points, way to go O! Regardless of the numbers, today is gonna be a great day. I know it. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Today is gonna be a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What is your number for the day? 

Clothing tags

my sweatshirt was made in Pakistan

When I was a kid, I read a lot. I still do. I read when I can and I have been known to sit down, lay down, curl up and read a book in a day, or two. Sometimes my reading keeps me from doing something and I get the look, and guilt sets in. Over Thanksgiving break, I came home from school with a book I checked out, Safekeeping by Karen Hesse. I started reading in the LMC (library) when I picked it up, and when I got home, I sat down on the couch and read. I read until I was about to fall asleep. I climbed in bed and read some more. I read a bit the following day and finished reading it as the turkey roasted, Thanksgiving morning. It was a good read.

Most of what I read now is related to what I teach, and I teach kids, seventh graders, so I read adolescent literature. Some of it’s good, some not, but it is always interesting. Sometimes I find books for kids that have a similar adult book, almost a match, or similar theme to books written for adults. I truly dislike the term ‘adult book,’ but you know what I mean. As a kid, I read non-fiction and an occasional novel. I read about football, World War II, and occasionally I’d find a good read in a disaster book Continue reading Clothing tags