Day 43: Saturday at the cottage

A summer thunderstorm crosses the lake and heads for the cottage

I was up before anyone and Ivy and I had quiet time by together. We walked, I had my coffee, and we communicated silently. It was a good walk with her as she misses very little; small birds moving, animal scents, and whatever else dogs notice. It is hard to believe where she was a month ago. I had to wake Beth so she could attend the Lake Margrethe Property Owners Association’s annual meeting at nine, Olivia was next up, and finally William around ten-thirty. The kids have been up late and they need to sleep. The cottage is a great place to sleep and rest. I promised the kids we would have breakfast in town and needed to finish yesterday’s post to upload at the coffeehouse in town.Grayling was busy and met Beth for breakfast. She wanted to go to the Grayling Restaurant and Olivia and I wanted to go to Dawson-Stevens and I gave in, Olivia needed persuasion and we ate breakfast. After breakfast, we separated. Beth and William went to garage sales around town. Olivia and I fueled the car and went to the grocery store before heading back to the cottage. We were home before the others and got ready to go boating.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on the lake with few waves. Beth and William came home and William had purchased a DVD at a garage sale and could not wait to view it. He camped in front of the TV upstairs and I sat down outside and read a book. I figured the weather would be great all afternoon, what was the rush? The forecast was for sunny skies both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the mid 80s. I put the book down and looked across the lake to see clouds forming, a storm I thought. I checked the Weather Channel and indeed a small storm cell had developed and was heading our way. I pulled down the umbrella, raised the windows, and came inside. I watched across the lake as boats hurried to find shelter or home before the storm hit. From the cottage’s deck, we can see storms as they cross the lake and I watched. The storm started with sprinkles, actually a few large solitary drops, thunder, and then the heavy rain came. The storm whipped up the lake, brought driving, and we could not see across the lake.  It rained for thirty to forty minutes and when it was over blue skies with puffy white clouds returned. The yard was soggy and in some places, the water had puddled; I checked the rain gauge – we had gotten almost an inch.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was beautiful. Mild temperatures and a light breeze was just what we needed. William and Olivia went swimming with their snorkel gear; waded to the drop off to explore the lake. William found something and wanted me to help him uncover it; I was reluctant and waded out just far enough to get my swimsuit wet. Beth came out to help and I waded back to get William’s kayak.  Olivia supervised while William and Beth worked to find just what William discovered. With a little work, they learned it was a concrete block with a chain and pink plastic shovel. Who knows where it came from but he was determined to bring it ashore.  The entire episode reminds me of the Pure Michigan advertising campaign very clever radio and television spots with the same music and voice enticing you to come spend your summer, fall, winter, or spring vacation in Michigan. They play them in the Chicago market and elsewhere throughout the Midwest; and I am certain in other parts of the US as they clamor for the tourists to visit and spend money in Michigan. I have seen billboards, magazine ads, and television spots for other states including Texas, the Dakotas, and Florida.

Sunday morning at the lake - same view as yesterday, what a difference a day makes

All day I listened to and I watched my language – rather the language of a reactive person versus a proactive person and discovered I am reactive. It is going to take work and concentration to develop that first habit – Be Proactive.

The day came to end with dinner and trip to town. A trip to Wimpy’s and ice cream for the kids will have to wait for another night when they can cooperate. It is no wonder, that dad did not take road trips with us three boys. Though, the days blend together at the cottage, tomorrow is Sunday and it promises to be the best day ever – perhaps a million and six times better.

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