Saturday: Halloween eve

The front maple taken on Saturday, October 30th

It is the Saturday before Halloween and after a stormy week which included our first hard freeze of the season. The forecast promises 60° temperatures for perhaps the last time for a while, but you just never know. The leaves are falling and the front yard is almost complete. It is dry which makes raking and leaf pick up that much easier.

Olivia and the Tiger mascots pose Friday night

The Tiger football team won their first playoff game last night just as they have won all of their games – by a large margin 49-7.  It was a cold night for a game, but colder weather is ahead. Next week the Tigers will play cross time rival Wheaton North, whom we beat earlier in the season. It promises to be a good game. As usual Olivia wore her Tiger costume to the game, though this year for Halloween she will be a trick or treating as a soldier.

William is at a mini merit badge university working on his Communications merit badge, which is Eagle required, and Electricity merit badge. Last weekend he and his fellow scouts bicycled over 24 miles to satisfy a requirement for the Camping merit badge he started at Camp Tesomas this summer. He is moving along and has plans to move on to Life rank by the Spring Court of Honor. Just as the Day 35: The Mile post mentioned it all starts as a vision, then goals, and a plan to achieve his goal. He is moving along and sometimes I miss how hard he works at everything he does. Sometimes I focus on how hard he works to avoid what I ask him to do or how hard he works to annoy his sister, Olivia. I do not suppose I was any different with my brothers and parents. It is all part of growing up.

The front maple taken on the 17th of October

Today looks to be great day and I need to remember that tomorrow will possibly be a million and six times better. It is ironic how my writing has changed, yet keeps coming back to topic. In addition to yard work and other home chore; I have a great deal of school work to plow through before Monday comes. I’d better get moving on the day, or it will pass me by and I’ll be left wondering where it all went. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

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