The Big Snow – part one

Ivy looks out the front window and 'dreams'!

At this moment, it should be first period and geography class, but I am sitting in my basement writing about the past couple of days and the ‘Big Snow Day.’ It has been a very hectic couple of days and last night was the latest night I have had since Christmas Break, but I knew I was not going to need to get up in the morning and drive to school. As school was cancelled due the blizzard prediction for Tuesday and Wednesday; and it came, starting midday Tuesday and it continued until just a few moments ago. After the initial frenzy quieted down, about eight o’clock Tuesday night, I checked Facebook and a friend posted, “Due to the weather tonight, I’m cancelling bedtime.” To which I replied, “Our’s was cancelled hours ago! It is wild outside!” And, the weather and snow was wild: the winds howled, the snow fell, and it blew.  

I had to rescue Ivy and dug from back door (left of the window) to where Itook the picture, WOW!

I crawled into bed and fell fast asleep, close to midnight. The kids were fast asleep and Ivy was curled up in Olivia’s room. I set my alarm for 5:30, but I ignored it and slept in until my ’new alarm’ bounded into bed and pushed her wet nose into my face, implying she needed to go outside. I got up, dressed – all the while thinking of a plan. By the time, I was dressed and ready, I had crafted a plan or at least, a semblance of one. Plow a path to the grass with the snow blower and then bring Ivy outside. It took a couple of minutes and with the help of Beth who patiently restrained Ivy, I had a corridor plowed, shoveled, and ready. Ivy came out looked around, climbed on the snow and seemed more interested in exploring, but did her business and we were back inside in minutes. That was a couple of hours ago and heavy snow continued to fall. I have been outside a few more times, all for Ivy. Now, with William and Olivia awake and energized, it is time to get outside and dig out. The snow has stopped and it is deep, deeper than I have ever seen. In places, the snow is waist high on me or over three feet. On most of the driveway, or the parts I cleaned this morning, it comes to my knees or just above. There is a lot of snow.   

Right now, I can hear the frenzy above me as William, Olivia, and Beth prepare to go outside. I need to get outside and begin shoveling and cleaning up the driveway, sidewalks, and helping a couple of neighbors clear their driveways and get ready for Thursday. Thursday will be here sooner than I want and I have a Wednesday a Snow day to enjoy and make count. Making the Days Count, possibly twice in a day.

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