Hundred’s Day

Today is the one hundredth day of the school year – adjusted for the two snow days we had last week. In elementary schools, classes focus on the meaning and value of one hundred. In middle school, we just teach and move on! But, one hundred is IMPORTANT.

The days have counted and been counted; some will be remembered and others forgotten. It has been a good school year, the students are learning and growing; and I am as well. As a language arts teacher I grow daily as a reader and a writer. My writing has grown and developed and this will be the 115th post to Making the Days Count dot com and my 113th post. It hardly seems possible that I have written this much. I could have written more, but I needed to do other things such as plan, grade, reflect on my teaching and learning as well as spend time in my roles as a father and husband at home and the other roles I have.

As the One Hundredth Day arrives, it leaves me with seventy-two to make count for my students, my family, and me. Outside it is three degrees above zero – that is cold, very cold. But, the days are getting longer; the sun rises before seven and it remains light past five now. Spring is around the corner and the snowy days are numbered, even if there are more to come before winter ends.

Seventy-two, days to count, impressions to be made, lessons to taught and learned, opportunities to grow and listen, and countless other chances. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

Thanks for visiting MtDC. How are YOU Making YOUR Days Count?