Better Thursday

I keep tabs on the weather – the orange and red are warnings and watches posted foe that area….

It is getting to be the time of the year when the light begins to creep into the very early morning hours and the sun rises before six.  In fact, I just checked and the sunrise is in eight minutes at 5:53. This morning when I came downstairs, Ivy was waiting for me wagging her tail and telling me she needed to get outside. I opened the door and heard the birds chirping away. It was cool but not raining and I wish I had had the time to sit and listen and just watch and think while I sipped my morning coffee.

Yesterday, I awoke to a rainy and very wet morning, it seems the past week, or so, has been cool and rainy, but I suppose we need it. On my drive to school, my mom called from Sugar Land to wish me a happy day and to let me know she was thinking about me. I remembered the forecast for her area – dry with warnings for fires. Rain sounds so much better. She told me how she wanted to rain and how dry it was. Later in the evening, Beth called me to family room to show me the news reports out Alabama and the south. The television showed landscapes of utter devastation of a town that once was in Alabama. I called my step-mom, who lives in Mississippi, to check in and found that while they had had storms and part of the town had lost its electricity she was fine.

This morning, I opened up the laptop and scanned the news and the headline jumped out at me – “Violent storms smack the South – kill at least 85.” It was a sobering beginning to the morning, making rain seemingly trivial. Today has to be better. It is Thursday and school looms – I have a few scant minutes to wrap this post up and get out the door. We are down to twenty-six days, oh my! We are taking a field trip to see a play this morning. The Giver is being performed locally and we will get to watch. There were a few students who did not like the book; but overall, most kids enjoyed it. I hope that for the students who struggled to understand The Giver, the visual helps fill in the blanks that reading and our class discussions could not. But I can’t help but think about the folks in the south, I will keep them in my thoughts. I hope you do, too.

Today is here and it could possibly be the best day ever, yet the forecast for tomorrow is a million and six times better. So, I will get out of the chair and seize the day – today is gonna be a great day.  Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

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