Weather fascinates me. Really, the changes in the weather are amazing, especially in our area – the Midwest.  Growing up in Texas, we had two kinds of weather hot and humid or cool. Texans would claim that my cool is cold, and I would have, too until I moved here. Here summer weather can be hot and at times, but for the most part, it is mild. Right now, it is 59 and cloudy with partial clearing forecast for later in the morning and into the afternoon. The forecast high is 70 and it will drop down to 57 overnight. After twenty years of Midwestern summers, I have gotten used to the weather and I enjoy sleeping with the windows open when I can, having to throw on a sweatshirt when I need to, and wearing shorts most of the time because it’s summer.

The Chicago Tribune's weatehr graphic for Friday's paper - there was a tornado that came through our area..

Why weather? Three reasons Tuesday, Thursday, and next week. I write about weather often and I mentioned Tuesday night’s storm – the local forecasters are calling it the ‘Summer Storm’ because it happened on the first day of summer – in Wednesday’s post. The tornado sirens went off and were warning of possible tornado activity. In fact, there were two tornados in the area that night during the storm and parts of the area received minor damage. Some areas still did not have power yesterday – almost two days after the storm. Tuesday had been hot and humid much different from today or last night. I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that a church would be a good place in a storm. For vacation bible school this week, Olivia’s group is collecting money – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills to help a church that was severely damaged in the Joplin, Missouri tornado. I was wrong – when God has a plan, God has a plan and he carries it out.

Last night, was Olivia’s last softball game of the season. She played well and had a great year. She grumbled about going but when she got there, she played with energy and zest. She is a good player and enjoys the game, more importantly the team plays very well together. At this level, they don’t keep score or count wins or losses; it is about fun and learning the game. It rained most of yesterday and today, leaving the field soggy and it was cool out. It was chilly for late June and a few of the players wore jackets and pants, though Olivia played in shorts and her t-shirt, typical Olivia. After the game, the team gathered for ice cream and trophies to celebrate the season. They had a great time last night and all season.

Olivia takes a swing and makes contact!
Ivy watches Olivia and ANYTHING that moves - other dogs and especially birds!
the team photo with trophies! what a great season!
Rhinelander’s 10 day forecast – as of Friday (6/24) morning at 6 AM

Next week William and I are off to summer camp at Camp Tesomas north of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. It is about 300 miles north of here and it is 370 miles in the car, it is a long drive but worth it. I wanted to find out what the weather looked like for our week and I checked. I also found out that they have 29 minutes more daylight than we do here, it is no wonder it is so much fun – more sunshine! William and I have big plans for the week. I’ll be blogging and helping herd scouts here and there. He’ll be working on merit badges and having fun. It will be a great week and it doesn’t matter what the weather brings, it will be fun and time well spent.

However, before we leave Sunday morning, there is much to do as there always is. We have to pack, load, and this afternoon I’ll be driving Ivy and Olivia along with William to Versailles. Olivia will be there through mid-week next week because Grandma Weaver is having surgery this morning, rescheduled form Tuesday, and Beth has been there to help her mom and dad. Ivy will be staying at the kennel again and I know she will not be happy, at all. She has noticed bags being packed and she knows something is up. William and I will turn around and come home tomorrow morning and finish our final summer camp details.

It is still 59 and cloudy and I had better get going. There is much to do and even with more daylight, I don’t get more time. Today is gonna be a great day with the forecast for tomorrow is a million and six times better. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

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