Tuesday and almost halfway

Sunday’s weather graphic, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune – 7/8/12

O and I drove home last night. Let me clarify; I drove, she slept. We left the cottage late, really late, so late momma was concerned and wanted me to leave in the morning, but I wanted to get here and have a full day to get things done, so I left late. I actually enjoyed the drive – there was no one else on the road except for a few truckers and they seemed to converge on Chicago at the same time I was – past midnight. Except for a bit of whining, barking, and yipping early in the trip – the first 30 or so miles – Ivy settled and slept most of the way.

They both perked up when I pulled off the toll way exit and the car’s rhythm changed. I think Ivy could smell we were home and she sat up and looked out the window as if she knew where we were. O recognized the Arboretum and perked up, too. When we pulled into the neighborhood, I could hear Ivy whimper and purr. As soon as we stopped, she was out of the car surveying and making certain her domain was as she left it. I unloaded what we needed and went to bed; I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, maybe before.

We came home for O, she has a softball game this evening and it is important to be part of the team especially in the playoffs, even for third\fourth grade softball. Her game is tonight and if they win, they play Saturday for the championship, and if they don’t win – they play again Wednesday night, with lose and be done or win and play again Saturday. We’re focusing on the first scenario!

view from home plate – as a spectator! Go Flyers!

I set the alarm for early, really early, to write and to organize, but I did not hear the alarm and overslept. It’s a good thing, I needed the sleep. Summer at the cottage is time for late lazy nights and I have not been in bed before eleven since well before camp; and it was much later last night. I was glad for the chance to sleep late.

This morning brought a survey of the yard and though Ivy may have been satisfied with the state of her territory, I was not. I suppose we have different criteria – she is checking for critters and other invaders and I am looking at the plants, the trees, and the yard. The summer has been dry and a storm blew through a week ago twisting branches, breaking twigs, and in general, wreaking havoc. We were fortunate and did not lose power, folks on Northside, did. I should be thankful I am only cleaning up the yard, not a deep freeze and a refrigerator.

Today is day 39 of summer, tomorrow is day 40- and halfway. I have errands to run and yard cleanup to do before this evening’s game. I’d better hop on it! Today is gonna be a great day and the prospects for tomorrow are a million and six times better! So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Today is gonna be a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, almost halfway – halfway done another half to go!

Halfway doesn’t mean it’s over does it?

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