Bittersweet Sunday

It Sunday morning. It’s a typical Midwestern January morning – cold and overcast. Yesterday was the same and tomorrow will likely be the same. It’s all right, cold and overcast January days are the rent we pay for the rest of the year.

W looks on and waits for his next match. I snapped this and texted it to him and got the reply 'go get me a sub' followed by 'thank you.'
W looks on and waits for his next match. I snapped this and texted it to him and got the reply ‘go get me a sub’ followed by ‘thank you.’

Jonas bypassed us. We’ve had storms come through and shut us down, but nothing as severe as Jonas. Since, I’ve been blogging we’ve had several snow days, one in January 2011 that brought 21 inches of snow and shut schools for two days. We’ve had bitter cold and severe wind chills and we’ve had torrential rains that closed our schools, too. In all that time, we stayed inside and waited. When it was over, we went outside shoveled snow and cleared our drive and our neighbor’s, too. It’s the rent we pay.

Saturday was a bittersweet day, it was sunny in the morning, then overcast, then the clouds disappeared in the evening to reveal a full moon.

It was bittersweet for more than the weather; it was W’s last wrestling match. W is my son, my favorite son, and he turns 18 Wednesday.

W was born late in the evening Tuesday, January 27, so late it was close to January 28. Like all parents, especially dads, I remember the moment I held him for the first time, I remember the moment well. I can close my eyes and picture myself holding him and feel the tears well in my eyes and roll down my cheeks. They still do, the tears that is. I remember his first of many things, I remember his first day of pre-school – 9/11. I remember his first wrestling match, a loss in less than 15 seconds and I remember his first win – in overtime. He was our first, and only, for almost five years, then O came along and I had another favorite – a favorite daughter.

This year has been full of lasts; his last year of high school, a last football game, and yesterday – a last wrestling match. Next year, brings another first – first year of college. I know there are more firsts down the road, but nothing will replace that ‘first’ almost 18 years ago.

In almost 18 years, W has taught me so much. I hope he has learned as much from me as I have learned from him.

I am intensely proud of him and who he has become, and sometimes I can be a bit hard. I am not about to let up.  It’s the rent I pay and in turn W will pay it forward.

He’s a great kid and I know he has many more firsts ahead of him, but for now I remember that first, first.

Today is gonna be a great day. It already is and there are more days ahead. It’s Sunday, a school year Sunday after all and that means grading, planning, housework, being a parent, and being a husband and so many more jobs. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one look back, but focused on what is ahead.

What ‘first’ comes to your mind? Please share. Have a wonderful day.

W is in black and it’s the first period of his last home meet match, a week ago.

15 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sunday

    1. Thanks – woohoo indeed. He’s a great kid and we are very proud of him – he turned his Eagle project paperwork in on Monday and we’re waiting to hear about his board of review. Stay tuned. Have a wonderful week.

  1. My first would be the first time I looked into eyes of my one (and only) child, also a boy.

    Happy birthday to your favorite son! I remember when my boy turned 18, which was nine years ago already. He is another January baby, born just five days before my birthday.

    Loved watching the wrestling video. Two of my four brothers wrestled in high school. I’d forgotten what an interesting, if peculiar dance it is. Out of curiosity, was that you yelling at the end?

    Enjoy the festivities today, as well was the rest of the week, Clay.

    1. Thank you – those are moments we’ll never forget. AND, yes it was me at the end – I have been trying hard not to holler or yell this year. I have recorded almost all of his matches this year – at least the ones I saw. One of the videos ends up shaking as he pins the other wrestler at the last minute. W started wrestling when he was in 1st grade – he spent a lot of time on his back that year. But, he came back for another year and has wrestled every year except 6th through 8th grades. He wrestled his last match the Saturday before his birthday. It didn’t go well – that’s why he looked somewhat reflective in the photo above. It was a great week – it disappeared before my eyes. Thanks for stopping in and have wonderful week.

    1. I know I’ll miss him, I wonder if he’ll miss us. Busy growing up. I bought a Powerball ticket to place inside the book that I gave him for his birthday – I am Third by Gale Sayers along with the post I wrote about him in October – I am Third – I was little apprehensive – what if the lotto ticket I bought for W was a big winner? Well it was and he won $4, $4 more than I did with my two tickets. He’s taught me a lot as a son growing up – he’s a great kid. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will enjoy the time we have together before he heads off to college. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I too have a January-born son. But this is his last year before he turns 40. How did that happen? I can’t have a 40 year old child! Isn’t it stange though? Like everyone else I’ve ever talked to, I can remember those first moments of my children’s lives almost more than any of the moments that came later, whether good or bad. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for stopping in – I have been busy with school and home and read your comment when it came in – that doesn’t seem possible does it. Next year mine will be off at college and … that will take a bit of getting used to. But..he’s ready – he’s been scuba diving in Florida, canoeing in northern Minnesota, hiking in the mountains of New Mexico and gotten back safely. And you and I did it, too. We all grow and learn – even when we don’t realize it. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate it. Sometimes though I think I am too close to the forest to appreciate the trees. He’s a great kids and so is my daughter. We did dinner at a very nice restaurant Saturday night and he got to enjoy oysters and bison prime rib – and he showed passable manners. That’s progress. It was a pretty good week and it was over in a blink. Take care.

    1. Tonette – I remember that experience well. i hope you learned as much from me as I did from you. Those were the days. Thanks for stopping in – I saw the beginning of the Super Bow coverage and it looks absolutely beautiful in the Bay Area. We’ve got the grey blah rains here. It is February and Puxtahawney Phil says spring will be here soon, Take care and stay well.

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