the face of determination

I am a week behind. Today’s post is inspired by last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Face.

the doughboy's face says it all - determination
the doughboy’s face says it all – determination

Last Saturday I was at Cantigny, the former estate of Robert McCormick Chicago industrialist and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The estate is now open to the public and houses the First Division Museum, the McCormick Museum, and has many open gardens. McCormick was a colonel in the army during World War I and led troops in the First Division. After the war, he renamed his estate Cantigny after the town in northern France that his division had liberated in their first action. He served through the end of the war and returned to run the Chicago Tribune until his death in 1955.

I was at Cantigny for a professional development class, FDR’s “Forgotten Man” vs. Hoover’s “Rugged Individual.” The forum was offered through the Teaching American History organization. It was an amazing discussion and it gave me the energy for the final days of teaching American history to my eighth grade students. Last weekend there were nine days left in the school, now there are four days – two of which are celebration days and a final promotion event with awards and then, off to high school.

Outside the conference center is a statue of a doughboy – an American World War I soldier – in full charge with his bayonet tipped rifle tipped. There is no hint of fear in his face, only determination.

After the conference was finished, my teaching partner and I toured the First American Division. The museum is laid out in chronological order and we enter through the trenches of northern France in World War I. Then World War II – North Africa, Italy, and the invasion France followed by Belgium, and Germany. The museum finished with Vietnam and Desert Storm, but I was most interested with World War I – I need to go back this summer and spend more time taking it in.

The best part of the museum tour was the conversation with two docents at the end of our walk through the museum. The two were older gentleman who had lived through the World War II era as children and served the military. It was interesting hearing their stories of living through the end of the Great Depression and growing up during World War II.

But that was last week, five school days have passed, and there are four more school days ahead and I am determined to make every one of them count. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, facing each day with determination.

What are you facing this week?


Today’s post is inspired by last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Face. For this last week’s photo challenge, let Mica’s insights inspire you: share a photo of a face. It could be your own face; the face of a loved one, whose lines and creases you know well; or even a face out in the wild, where you least expect to see one:

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    1. One day is complete, on to the next. One step at a time. Took the chance to look up and saw the full moon, Mars, Saturn, and Antares all grouped together shining brightly down on us the other night. Made me think deeply. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It is a great find and I plan to return this summer, sometime. I’ve got lots of wishes including a trip south, but I’ve got four more days before the pressure lifts. It’s gonna be a great week. Enjoy yours,

    1. Susie – thanks for stopping by. The week is rolling and I have three more days with students and a pack up day before school’s out for summer! It is an interesting museum and I want to get back this summer and so many other things. Summer is already filling up. Take care and enjoy your week!

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