it IS easy being green

It’s Spring Break: the annual time in the year when people in the northern parts of the United States flock to warmer climates ahead of the warming temperatures where we live. I’ll admit it was ‘spring-like’ when we left Friday afternoon with temperatures soaring to the low 80s (mid to upper 20sC) but today the temperatures are back to normal – highs in the 40s (8-9C) and lows close to freezing overnight.

white sand, green seas, and blue skies…

We’re in south Florida – the Keys – where we spent break last year and have been several times before. Here it’s green year-round and the temperature variance is quite small for this time of the year. During the day, the highs reach the low 80s and overnight it cools to the low 70s, It’s pleasant.

Last night, I was playing with the camera and resumed my play earlier today looking for green hues and I came up with these photos. There is sharp contrast to the photo challenge I responded to a year ago – half-light.

While it’s green here year-round, it will be greening up when we return home. The daffodils are popping up and the grass is slowly returning to its green color. Soon the trees will be leafing out and the world will be ablaze in green.

But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the green hues in real time. It’s gonna be a great day, I know it and I can feel it. Actually, it’s already a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one color among many – GREEN.

Is it green where you are, or do you need to escape to find green?

This post is inspired by the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: it IS easy being Green. Those of you who’d like to go more interpretive still have plenty of options: try an image of something you envy, or a photo inspired by the one of the other common associations with green (life, health, youth, money, hope). Otherwise, just bask in the color itself!

If you want to push things a little more, try creating an image gallery to highlight multiple hues of this springtime shade.

Happy shooting!

9 thoughts on “it IS easy being green

    1. Phil, I was looking back at the ‘time machine’ aka the blog and saw that you left a comment and I never replied…. I am so sorry. i hope you are doing well and embracing the world as you always have – making each day count. Stay well and safe. Peace.

  1. It is very green here and we’re about 5 days after everything bloomed. The azaleas and dogwoods were absolutely stunning this year. I didn’t have time to capture any photos because I’ve been running around like a crazy lady, but I did make a lovely memory in my mind’s eye to last all summer.

    I love that you’re in the Keys. Good times! Enjoy your break.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. The flowers here are amazing – the growing season is much longer and begins much earlier. I love the brilliant colors – pinks, purples, vibrant color. Flowers await when we return, however in the meantime i’ll enjoy the color here, including the green. Peace.

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