Sunny days

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fearing you make one.” Elbert Hubbard

That’s the daily quote which appeared when I opened my Five Minute Journal app yesterday morning. I paused and thought, then proceeded and completed the morning entry. However, my thoughts kept returning to the quote throughout the day. Last night when I reflected on my day, I saw the quote again. My day had been full of mistakes and missteps.

zinnias – this bright flower is related to the sunflower…..

The Five Minute Journal is pretty simple. Begin the day by listing three things for which I am grateful and thankful, add three tasks or events which I will do to make the day a great day, and finish with three daily affirmations – I am….. three words. It’s simple and takes less than five minutes, sometimes more. I can add a photo, or not, but most of the time I do. I found the app last summer and used it and it got stale, so I stopped. However, this summer I am retrying it. I began in May and I’ve continued. I miss a day occasionally, but I’ve stuck with it.

I have added a section in my notebook – Words which describe me – and I keep adding to it. Feel free to add a word or words which you think describe me in a comment below. I’d appreciate your thoughts and your contribution. Thank you.

I love the pale yellow lily, it’s along the back fence and gets the sun in the afternoon

I make mistakes all the time, sometimes I admit it, though sometimes I let pride get in the way and I don’t admit my failures or short comings. However, as I get older I am reminded of my dad’s admission when I was W’s age and my dad was closer to my current age and he told me:

“When I was your age, I knew this much.” And he held his hands apart – maybe a yard apart.

“But, now I know this much.” And held his thumb and forefinger apart – separated by maybe a half-inch or even quarter of an inch.

But, I the things I know, I know very well.” He finished.

 There is so much I don’t know. Completing the Five Minute Journal daily may not have changed my life, but it has changed my routine and it reminds me to be more present and focused. In the middle of my physics class a week ago the quote below appeared to begin my day,

“The most important work you will do is the work you do on yourself.” UJ Ramdas

I am a work in progress. Continually learning, growing, and making mistakes – all sorts of ‘em.

The past couple of days have been sunny and mild. Cool enough for the windows open at night and during the day. The mid-summer flowers are beginning to bloom and the flower beds are bursting with color. I am taking it as a reminder to why the sun shines, why we have sunny days.

Today is gonna be a great day. I might even make a mistake, or two, or three. But I am gonna keep moving forward. So, I’d better jump up, jump, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one mistake, one success, and always learning.

What’s a word you could use to describe yourself? Be honest…. And feel free to add a word to my notebook.

these lilies are open early and bloom through late June until mid-July

NOTE: This post was inspired by the WordPress Daily Post prompt – Sunny.

10 thoughts on “Sunny days

    1. Phil – thanks for stopping in – I see you as passionate and energetic. I like your words. Thank you. I try to be an optimist and thoughtful, though sometimes I come up short –
      thoughtfulness was one of my dad’s criticisms of me (he was mad I had forgotten an important date). Summer is moving along well – have a great Fourth and take care.

    1. thank you – the photos were taken with my iPhone – it takes very good photos. As for the notebook and words….I added kind and caring to my notebook as well as a few other words yesterday afternoon. Honest and humble could be added, too. Two more days, then July – hard to believe. Have a great week and enjoy the Fourth – it looks to be great time in Vicksburg.

  1. Erm. this is quite hard. For me to do on myself that is, as I think it’s important to accentuate the positive for this task. I’m going to go for the same word for both of us, though I suspect it manifests itself in slightly different ways. ‘Enthusiastic’. There. Do you agree? About you, I mean?

    1. Margaret – thanks for your honesty. Yes, that’s a good word to describe me and one which was not on the list. It is difficult coming up with words to describe yourself, which is why I began creating a list to keep the daily task from becoming stale and in doing so I am beginning to see things a bit differently. Enjoy your week and may the sunshine light your path.

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