we’re here, and it’s summer

It’s been summer for over a week or month, depending on your definition.

We’re at the lake. That’s summer.

my morning coffee, the view, and Ivy the dog…

The temperature is in the sixties and it’s overcast, but it’s summer. 

We drove up last night and I was able to listen to the Astros ballgame on the radio for the first half of the drive. The Astros won 7-6, finishing the game in dramatic fashion.

This morning I enjoyed my coffee with a view. It was……… amazing, relaxing, and perfect. Three words to describe summer.

It’s gonna be a great day. It already is, were here. Summer on. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, on the first day of summer.

What does summer begin for you?

8 thoughts on “we’re here, and it’s summer

  1. Summer begins for me when the weather gets dependably sunny and warm. That has not been the case here in Rhode Island until this last week. As we live 10 minutes from the ocean, summer “officially” begins when the tourists arrive en masse which usually happens over the 4th of July holiday.

    I look forward to seeing photos of and reading about your adventures at the lake. Enjoy!

    1. I am working on them, the pictures that is….It’s been cool here, too. Yesterday was windy and overcast with rain here and there, a good day to organize the inside space and grocery shop. Summer is a state of mind. The fourth means the lake and family, it’s been several years since I’ve NOT been at the lake for the fourth – it was odd. I am thankful I am here. Enjoy your fourth.

    1. Three days is good. Yesterday the lake was choppy and it was windy and overcast. This morning, the lake is calm and it’s cool but it’ll warm up and we’ll get outdoors and have a great day. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing, they think it’s summer and so shall I. Have a wonderful day and fabulous week.

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