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It’s Saturday night, it’s late. It’s the night before we fall back and return to standard time.

It’s been a full day. I’ve set the all the clocks back an hour in anticipation of the time change. I am looking forward to driving to school in the morning light, it’s been slowly getting darker each morning over the last couple of weeks. But, conversely, I am not looking forward to driving home in the dark either. There is hope, though the days are getting shorter, they will begin getting longer again soon. It’s the cycle and I don’t need to peek ahead, I know the days will get longer soon.

I ran errands this afternoon and took a side trip to the Morton Arboretum. It’s nestled along a highway, though you’d never know it. It’s bounded by housing developments and a river runs through it. It’s a peaceful place to visit and walk. This afternoon I enjoyed the view from the top of the hill facing west into the rainy Saturday afternoon. I’ve watched the sun set from the same spot before and even though I tried, I could not see the sun peeking through the clouds today.

the sun is nowhere to be found…

While I was there, I stood beneath a pine tree and marveled at the pine cones and the water dripping off the needles and branches. It was peaceful and calming. Rainy fall days tend to bring a sense of calm and serenity. The pine cone seemed to be just peeking through the needles at me.

It was a good diversion and I am thankful that I have the Arboretum so close. It’s been a great day and I know I am going to sleep well, I have an extra hour to fall back on. So, I’d better wrap this up and click ‘publish.’ Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one afternoon diversion, or one afternoon full of work, but no peeking.

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon? and, which photo do you prefer, photo 1 or photo 2? Why?

Today’s post is in response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Peek. This week, share a peek of something — a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to get us interested. A tantalizing detail. An unusual perspective. Compel us to click through to your post to find out more!

4 thoughts on “peek – a photo challenge

  1. The last 2 photos are absolutely gorgeous. I want to go there. I other photos are awesome too, but I love the very last 2 the most.

    Keep on keeping on my friend. Enjoy standard time. Most folks don’t, but I don’t mind it so much.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I agree, the tree enclosed road spoke to me. I thought the one with the side view mirror was interesting and added perspective. I love visiting the Arboretum it’s peaceful and calming, even when I simply drive the circuit. It’s gonna be a great day – have a great one yourself. Peace.

    1. Thank you – it was an inspiration in the moment and it turned out far better than I expected…. it was a dreary wet cold day and the clouds hung close in the shallow valley. The rain is gone and it’s cold – below freezing – out this morning. Winter is coming. Have a great day, I know I will be doing my best. Thank you for stopping in.

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