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Day 36: No Regrets

Troop 35 says goodbye to Camp Tesomas

The last day of camp, or a vacation, is always somewhat sad and happy, all at the same time. We are sad because we are leaving and our time went quickly and we are glad to go home to see our families and friends who did not come with us and we have missed. Our time at Tesomas has been special and we all have enjoyed our time at camp and the time with each other.

Saturday morning we got up at six and started to break down camp. We wanted to get personal gear and troop gear packed before flags, breakfast, and the final video showing after breakfast. The scouts worked together packing their gear, cleaning, and rolling their tents. By the time we left for breakfast, all but one or two tents were down, packed, and staged to be loaded into the troop trailer. Breakfast was quieter than usual, perhaps because so many scouts felt like us – excited to go home but sad to leave. Traditionally, when breakfast ends we watch a video of the camp experience and it is fun to watch. The camp staff compiled pictures and video setting them to music to create the show; a few of our scouts made appearances and the scouts watched and cheered to show approval. Advancements in technology have made creating videos and slide shows much easier and I cannot imagine what would have been shown ten, twenty, or seventy-five years ago at the end of camp. Whatever it may have been, I am sure it left the scouts with a feeling of completion, a feeling of no regret; making the transition from camp life back to real life easier. Continue reading Day 36: No Regrets