Ways to follow…

I don’t write as much and as often as I would really like. When I began writing at the in summer of 2010, my goal was to write daily and for the most part, I was successful. When school started though, it become difficult to keep up with all the demands of school, family, and writing. As time has marched on, the blog keeps moving forward, too.

You can visit the site to follow along on my journey or you can subscribe in a couple of ways – you can follow the RSS Feed or you can subscribe via e-mail – the RSS feed link is below, or the e-mail option is in the upper right side of this page. Please, choose the method that fits your lifestyle. You can read and follow along when I post or when I update a page.

Regardless, I am glad you are following my story, at Making the Days Count dot org. I hope that my story influences your’s!

Making the Days Count, one day at a time – one post at a time!

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