Top Ten, or so…

When I started Making the Days Count, I never imagined I would be where I am today – November 2011. At this point, I have almost 2oo posts – yep, almost 200. That is almost 200 stories and 200 different things to write about. There has been some repetition, such as the leaves, or being at the cottage, but each has its own unique perspective. Along the way, I have become a better writer, or at least I think so.

When I created this page – a year or so ago – I have been blogging since late May 2010 and I had written many summer essays and updates – ‘some ‘er good, some ‘er bad.’ I had my personal favorites such as:

none of which are in any particular order.

Since then I have added more and had the chance to go back and look at a few of my posts from the past. My original Top Ten was four….. I just added four more.

So……if you have been following along, or just started reading, please let me know what your favorites are as well. I’d like to hear from you, fill out the contact form below with your favorite post along with a comment and I’ll add to the top ten. Thanks for stopping by and I hope, in some way Making the Days Count dot com has helped you make your days count!

Thanks for visiting MtDC. How are YOU Making YOUR Days Count?