I pulled into the driveway this evening after a long day at school to find no one at home. Ivy greeted me enthusiastically, as she always does, and I searched the counter for clues. I found none and called Beth’s cell, only to discover it lying on the kitchen counter beside me. No help, at all.

I checked the mail to discover my dealer (model railroader dealer) had mailed my monthly installment, actually two months’ worth of railroad cars. I got the Franklin D. Roosevelt and William H. Taft cars. This month’s quiz is far too easy and you can try your hand at it:

Question for April: Which President was born with the last name Blythe, lost his father in an automobile accident, and was the third youngest president elected to office?

Please leave a comment with your guess. I would love to hear from you.

After my discovery, I heard the garage door opening and the kids piled into the house, followed by Beth. They too, had had a long day complete with a middle school social for William. He was excited, but told of nothing he had experienced. So middle school; you would have thought he had not even gone.   Anyway, it was a return to a normal night in the house with homework, baths and bedtime. It was a while before I could get to this.

I realized that I had not written for a while – two weeks! Much has happened in two weeks, too much for a long, boring post. Sadly, several posts died on the vine and are outdated and just won’t get written.

School is winding down, far too quickly. The days seem compressed – frenetic with activity and learning. Overall, it has been a good year, better than last, but I still have my opportunities. I am working hard to make the days count, truly. One day at a time.

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