christmas tieIt’s 12-12-12 and it is the 73rd day of the school year with 99 to go, counting today. Though, my students are more worried about how many days it is to winter Break and Christmas and I am on day 3 of the ten days of Christmas ties! I wear Christmas ties to school the last two weeks and I have just enough to make it ten, this year. Maybe next year it will be twelve, who knows? It sure beats those gaudy Christmas sweater I remember from my grade school teachers, but I guess I trade it for gaudy Christmas ties! It’s all about perspective!

Last night on our way home from O’s basketball game, she and I got a quiz question on the radio; ‘How many presents would you get if you got all of the presents in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas?”’ We worked on it and had the right answer when the song was over and the announcer came back. We gave ourselves a high five! She scored two baskets for four points, way to go O! Regardless of the numbers, today is gonna be a great day. I know it. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Today is gonna be a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What is your number for the day? 

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    1. I only count the days I have to get dressed and go to school, so it is a bit underinflated. But, there is a lot of time and space until the end of May.. plenty of time to make the days count and focus on fun learning! I am on day six Monday!

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