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imagesIt’s Friday morning and I have already started to wonder where the time went, but I already know. Time on vacation goes much faster than real time. Even when you try to make sure time is counting or days are counting.

I remember when my dad would travel, before my parents divorced, he would send us postcards. It was great fun to get a postcard and short message in the mail from him and even after my parents divorced, he would send a postcard now and then, from where he travelled. Of course, this was before e-mail, text messages, smart phones, and Facebook or other social media sites. Postcards were the social media! I have tried to bring back the art of the postcard and send one or two, or even more from wherever I am.

A few summers back my mom sent me all the postcards we had sent her and the ones she had collected. I have quite a collection – Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I’ve even enlisted my two brothers and last fall I got a postcard from Alaska and Vietnam.

A couple of days before break I encouraged my classes to drop the class a postcard from their Spring Break destination or their backyard even if they had a ‘staycation;’ and to sweeten the pot, I offered extra credit, but only five points. I do this every spring break and each year I get a handful of cards and its good fun. Last year, I enlisted a couple of the staff and I got a card from the UP, Upper Peninsula Michigan, and the Vatican. I have already written several postcards and mailed them, I wrote a few more yesterday, and they’ll be in the mail before noon.

It’s been a good trip and we all have gotten to do much of what we wanted to do – rest, relax, and recharge. When we get back, it will be the last quarter of school and for me it’ll be 43 days. For W and O it’ll be school, lacrosse, softball, scouts, and family. Those 43 days will be the most difficult of the year as my students, and my own kids, begin their countdown to summer and it becomes increasingly difficult to get and keep their attention. It’ll be warmer, at least most of the time, and there already is much more sunshine.

Regardless, we have another full day here in the Keys a lot to do, a lot to soak in, and a couple of places to visit, one more sunset and sunrise on the beach. Making the Days Count, one day, one moment, one postcard, one memory at a time.

Do you send postcards, when you travel? 

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  1. Welcome home. Hope re-entry was fine. What a sweet idea, to offer extra credit for students to send vacation post cards. They probably think of it as a museum-type exercise, like stepping back in time, driving a Flintstone car or something. Hey, your blog is still snowing! Brrr!

  2. I love postcards. I used to send them if I went somewhere interesting. I don’t anymore – because of the internet, as you say. Which is a good thing because I don’t have to spend my looking-at-the-sights time looking for a post office in which to buy stamps and mail the postcards. I do still buy them, but they’re all for me!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! I’m glad.

    1. We all had a great time, but when it was time to go home, no whimpering or whining – that I could hear. We had a great trip home and got a surprise at the airport. The pilot was a friend of ours from Michigan and when we arrived at the airport we followed him home and had Easter dinner and stayed the night. It was good connecting and sharing our adventures, plus hearing of theirs as well. Thanks. I’ll be writing about our collection soon, I hope. Take care.

    1. I love postcards and they are so easy to do, although one at a time. When I went to Paris in June 2010 I wrote and mailed postcards to all my Language Arts students – all 28! I heard from a few students that fall and I asked where they put the postcard – one said, “on the fridge, you don’t get a postcard from Paris everyday!” These days, we don’t get much in the mail of important, either. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

  3. There’s never enough time or energy on vacations. I love to get postcards, but I’m terrible about sending them anymore. I used to send lots of postcards when I was younger. You’ve featured some beautiful postcards here. Nice visuals. I like the idea of offering extra credit to your students for sending a postcard during their break. Very cool!

    1. All of the postcards have trickled in at school… my students sent some from Colorado and Arizona to the west and Florida as well as Mexico and London. The faculty jumped in to the challenge and sent one From London, Washington DC, Springfield, and Arizona! Last year I got one from Vatican City. It’s all good. This week we’ll be posting them all in the front office! The kids were excited to get them and I think a few wished they had sent one in the mail.

    1. we sure did… time flies and I have been chasing my tail since I got back. I am glad I cna close my eyes and feel the sun and wind on my face and hear the gentle crash of waves on the shore. It was a great time. thanks for stopping by!

    1. the end of a vacation is always so difficult… and getting back from one is never easy. I (actually, the entire family has been) very busy since we got back. Friday was amazing – we went to Bahia Honda State Park and saw the Turtle Hospital and then Saturday we were on our way home! Thanks for stopping in….

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