Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

I am a little late on this week’s photo challenge, by now it’s last week’s photo challenge. I’ve been overwhelmed with many things since my last post, but mostly family, for the past week, or rather the past couple of months.

School and my students have kept me hopping, too. The kids have been wonderful. There is another story in this, it’s just waiting to be written or for time to sit down and write, actually there are several stories.

It’s been a tough time in our home. My sister-in-law last week passed away last week. I think her passing was hardest on my wife, she is, after all the little sister. It was hard on all of us, but I think B took it especially hard. She’s been helping and has been there for her sister since she became ill in mid-February. In a way, I’ve been there, too even though I’ve been here, and there and seemingly everywhere.

It seems that as a family we gather only now for big occasions – we are scattered across the land. There are the holidays, but they seem so rushed and then there are funerals. So far there have been two in B’s family – separated by over a decade. We gather somberly almost on cue. The kids and I drove home last Saturday afternoon and evening. The wake was last Sunday and the funeral and burial followed on Monday. We had a gathering afterwards, it was lovely and a perfect ending for a sad day. The two days could not have been more different – Sunday was clear bright and sunny and Monday the exact opposite – sad, gloomy, grey with overcast and rain.

It was good to see the family, even on such a gloomy occasion. it was best for the cousins – there are my two, B’s other sister’s two boys and her brother’s children – two boys and a girl. All of the cousins are out of college and working, except one who is in college. But they all visited, W trying to be older and O, being O. I think B’s sister would have been glad we gathered, shared, and laughed. It was good for all of us to remember, and perhaps forget – even for a moment – some of the pressing issues weighing on us all.

Afterwards, W and I packed the car, loaded Ivy, and drove home. We both had school the following day. O stayed behind with mom and her aunt and grandma.  W and I stopped at the cemetery on our way out of town.  I took in all of the markers, the monuments to lives gone before me.

Greenlawn Cemetery – Versailles, Ohio

It’s Friday morning, four full days have passed since we laid my sister-in-law to rest. It’s Good Friday, a perfect day to reflect on those who have passed before us. There is no school today. W and I will be loading the car and driving back to Ohio this morning. It’s gonna be a great day, but I can’t sit and wait for it to happen. Making the day Count, one day at a time, thinking and remembering.

What is on your mind this Good Friday?


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

    1. Ingrid – you are my thousandth comment! Thank you – I had been wrestling with what photo to include as I took several…. I just can’t take one….we all came home Sunday night and things are slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is. Have a great day.

  1. I’m sorry for your family’s loss, Clay. It’s nice you can all gather and grieve together, it helps for healing. I think it’s doubly hard when people pass away ‘out of order’ so I can understand how hard it must be for your wife.
    Take care, and keep making each day count…

    1. Thank you, I am dragging my feet this morning. I need to pack the car and get moving, but here I sit. It was nice to visit, my daughter O has been there and I saw photos of her fishing at her older cousins pond last night. She seems to be having a good time and providing a distraction for my wife. Again, thank you.

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