Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

There was a time in my life when I was a nighttime creature. Thirty years ago this past summer, I met a girl and I was attending summer school full-time, working full-time, spending the weekend nights with her and her friends – up all night, and sleeping part-time. I could do it then, but not now.

the end of game discussion - the South end of the field

the end of game discussion – the South end of the field

Thirty years later, that girl is my wife and next week – in seven days – we will celebrate 23 years of marriage.

Thirty years later, my eyelids are heavier than they once were and I can’t hang out too late, but on Friday nights in the fall – there is Friday Night Lights. I have been a high school football fan for a long time and I enjoy watching the games. It’s even more fun because W is out there this year – hanging on the sidelines. He has yet to play Friday night, but he’s there for film, weights, conditioning, and practice working and waiting for the moment when the Tigers will need him. Every Tiger player was there once, too. It’s the way things are.

Friday night was the season’s fifth week – fifth game, the midpoint; and the Tigers were 1-3 going in to Friday night’s game against cross-town rival North. The Falcons were 1-3 too and both teams needed a win.  Last year we stunned them on our turf and this year the game was back on their turf. We play them each year and many of the kids have grown up playing each other and with each other in youth sports – football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. W and a fellow Falcon are in the same scout troop; and have camped together countless times. Only one team would get the win.

The night was perfect for football or for simply being outside. It was a beautiful night, cool, but not too cool.

a bright spot in the nighttime - a drop back pass and time to pass... it didn't happen this way much that night
a bright spot in the nighttime – a drop back pass and time to pass… it didn’t happen this way much that night

This night was not the Tiger’s night. Falcons 30 – Tigers 9, they came up short in just about every way. The Falcons came to play – it was their turf and their win. Their now 2-3 and the Tigers are 1-4. Four games remain in the regular season and it’s win and the playoffs are a possibility.

W did play Saturday morning in the JV game and it was a better game with a slightly better outcome – a tie 19-19. There was a crazy sequence at the end of the game – a blocked field goal run back for a TD by the Tigers called back over a penalty and replay, then a fake field goal and a pass for a touchdown nullified by offensive interference. Game over. A 19-19 tie. It’s all about learning and growing at that stage. Next year, there’s always next year.

And….that leaves me with Sunday. Yesterday after the game we went west – we drove past Big Rock, Hinckley, Sandwich, and a few more. The fields are almost ready – soy beans and corn. We were pumpkin hunting to decorate for Halloween. It was a beautiful day and we drove home in the dark. Nighttime. My eyelids were heavy when we unloaded our pumpkins and I went up to bed and fell fast asleep. It’s Sunday morning and today is gonna be a great day, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the days Count, one day at a time, one nighttime at a time, too, because there’s an equal balance between day and night.

When was the last time you used your nighttime hours? What did you do? Where did you go?

Today’s post is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – prompt – at Word Press.  The week’s prompt is “Nighttime.” What nocturnal photos do you like taking? Whether it’s a starry sky, a street lamp, or the shadows cast by your cat, share them with us. Your shot can be outdoors or indoors, blurry or crisp, overexposed or ominously dark. As every owl (and night owl) knows, nighttime is when the real action starts.

Saturday morning - a half a day later - sunny skies and better outcome
Saturday morning – a half a day later – sunny skies and better outcome

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

  1. I can so relate to the need for sleep now. Having just gotten home from a cruise, I can tell you that my sleeping habits have yet to return to “normal.” We stayed up much later than usual on the cruise, so as not to miss a single thing, and with the time change we got all messed up. One night on the cruise I had to turn in around 8:30 because I was just plumb worn out from activities during the day, but most nights we stayed out and about until midnight or so. Not our normal style.

    Now that I’m back home, 10:00 is lights out for me.

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Here’s to many more.


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