Thick clouds enveloped the lake, as if to keep it safe for another generation, a new season.

the morning's lakescape, quiet, peaceful, serene - enveloped
the morning’s lakescape, quiet, peaceful, serene – enveloped

This morning, I awoke a few degrees further north, a smidge from being halfway to the North Pole or halfway from the equator. Yesterday afternoon, we drove east, then north and arrived at a lake shrouded in darkness. It felt good to unfold after the long drive, stretch the legs, and breathe in fresh air.

It is the time of year, when few folks are here, except for a few permanent residents along the lane, the lake is deserted. Next weekend is Memorial Day, and summer’s official start, but we’ll kick off our summer this weekend. We’ll open the crawl space, pull out the deck furniture, pull weeds and breathe fresh clean air basking in the freedom of the lake. We’ll make lists and dream of warmer days. I’ll referee arguments, grill steaks, and sit beside the first campfire of summer, hopefully. And, if the clouds recede, I’ll gaze up to the heavens and soak in the wonder of the night sky.

This morning Ivy’s stirrings awakened me. I let her out, started the coffee, and waited. I sat with my first cup, sipping and drinking in the lake and its stillness. It’s quiet. The kids are still asleep, B is too – I hope they sleep and rest. Even Ivy has disappeared and gone back to sleep, snuggling in O’s room upstairs.

my newest cup, added to the collection last night
my newest cup, added to the collection last night

I’ve been up for a couple of hours and the lake is still covered in clouds like a thick blanket, enveloped in grayness, shrouding the lake for warmer days and summer.

A lone fisherman is across the lake. A few of the boat docks are in, but most will go in next weekend or when it gets warmer. I hauled a stack of papers to grade and mark, so I had better take advantage of the time and begin working on the papers, they do not grade themselves. With fourteen school days until summer, time is precious; I’m working to make the last days count for my eighth graders, even if their minds are somewhere else, like high school, summer or a spot along a lake. Mine, too. Today is gonna be a great day, so I’d better make every minute count and jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the days Count, cloudy, sunny, warm, snowy, and rainy – however the day comes.

Where does this morning find you?


This post was, in part, influenced by this week’s Photo Challenge at WordPress – Forces of Enveloped. What does “enveloped” mean to you? It could be your post-bath toddler wrapped burrito-style in a huge fuzzy towel. How about the ever-present fog that meanders through your city? Is it the well-loved hammock you lie in devouring novels as if they were candy? Maybe it’s your favorite fluffy comforter, edges worn from love and use?

So looking forward to seeing your interpretations of “enveloped.” Have fun with the challenge!

10 thoughts on “Enveloped

  1. A sense of calm enveloped the room after everyone retired for the evening. Silence. My time to reflect on the day.

    I love the picture of the lake and your very poetic descriptions of the clouds and the boat on the lake. Cool stuff, Clay.

    Have a fantastic week!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Thank you Patricia. I love the lake and I can close my eyes and see it from memory. i’ve seen it in every season and it never looks the same and never gets old. It was a a great weekend and I look forward to getting back, soon. In the meantime, I’ll teach kids physics and astronomy. The week is off to fantastic start, hope your’s is, too.

    1. I can understand your dilemma – your photos speak volumes – it would be difficult for me to leave such beauty and serenity. just like it was yesterday afternoon 🙂 – we had a good time, no steaks, no fire, but went fishing and got some serious weeding and a leg up on some maintenance. Have a wonderful week!

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