It is morning Up North. O, Ivy, and I loaded the car and left home yesterday and after a couple of stops, we were on the open road headed east, then north. We pulled into the cottage driveway a little after sunset, but the lake was bathed in blue with a crisp orange and red northwestern shoreline. Venus and Saturn provided bright white punctuation marks in the evening sky. B and W followed in another car a few hours later.

the first sunset of summer - at least for us at the cottage
the first sunset of summer – at least for us at the cottage

It’s sleepy and peaceful this morning Ivy sleeps on the footstool in the front room while O watches a video on the iPad on the couch. B and W are still sleeping and I am here struggling with the right words to match the photos.

I cannot even begin to count the number of trips we’ve made to this place – we’ve been here at least once in every month of the year. Each time I am here, I snap a photo, or two, or more. The sun sets in different places each season and gradually shifts from the northwest in summer to the southwest in winter and back as Earth revolves around the sun and shifts its tilt away from the sun and back.

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
Ecclesiastes – 3:1

This week the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge subject is – Muse. All of us have some place or something that interests and intrigues us most and we take photographs at different times or simply retreat to when we need to reboot and restore.

muse (noun)

1. any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences (capitalized)
2. a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius
3. Poet

I never tire of watching sunset, or looking at the lake, or sipping coffee in the front room, or sitting on the deck reading a book, or just being.

We’re here. Today is gonna be a great day, I know it and I can feel it, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the days Count, one day at a time, one moment frozen in time, just being.

Where do you find your muse or inspiration?

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge at, but it is inspired by the lake. Have a wonderful week.

January – my first january as a blogger

A panoramic view of the lake - you can see the ice on the lake.
A panoramic view of the lake – you can see the ice on the lake.

A quartet of photos from each season – January, March, July, and September


15 thoughts on “muse

  1. I very much like your blog. Making your days count is so relevant. Also, your writing is so very well crafted. Good for you. Thank you for checking out my site on your iPad. It’s still a work in progress and I know it can always be improved. I’ve decided to follow yours because I like the content.

    1. Thank you. Sunday morning I was distracted and a tad bit tired. At home I have my basement office to seclude myself and sometimes I’ll have Sunday Morning on CBS going on the TV and I cannot concentrate. Here I am in the front room and the entire family was moving and grooving while I tried to write AND I was being selective (picky) with my word choice. It was not a good combination. We enjoy the time Up North, even when it’s cold and foggy. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you. An English garden is lovely. That’s the kind of summer we have here – cool nights and warm – right now the lake is in Foggy Londontown mode. You will have to take photos and write a post. I enjoy sitting outside and taking in the sounds – the breeze through the trees, the chirps and tweets of the birds, and feel the sunshine. The week is off to a great beginning, I hope yours is too.

      1. I should, I really should. But you really mustn’t talk about Foggy Londontown any more! That was the bad old days, when I was a small child there. Foggy London is pretty much a thing of the past_ except in the minds of foreigners! I’ve had a great week. I’ll tell you all why in a day or two.

    1. Hope your summer is going well – I saw your book a day challenge – is that for real? – I am struggling to finish a book I began in May. Maybe if I put my cell phone down I could do it! This is the time in summer that seems to accelerate, but up here for a few moments time appears to slow. See you soon!

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