This I believe

O leaves for camp in a few hours and then, B and I will have the cottage by the lake to ourselves for the first time in almost twenty years, maybe longer.

I hadn’t realized that until a moment ago.

What will we do?

I am here until Sunday at the latest, I had originally planned to return home this afternoon or Thursday morning, but my plans changed and I decided to stay later. O’s camp runs through Sunday, which is why I’ll need to return Sunday.

What to do – relax, talk, boat, swim, chores, relax? Probably all of them and some at the same time.

I’ve written about the cottage many times – almost every time I am here. It’s a gift, rather a legacy from Grandpa and Grandma and I think of them each time I visit.

the lake changes constantly - rain is forecast for the day..
the lake changes constantly – rain is forecast for the day..

I’ve been reading this summer, as I always do, and one of the books on my bedside table and my list is This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women. The book is a collection of essays inspired by Edward R. Murrow’s radio program from the 1950’s. Many of the essays are written by people who I have never heard of and some whom I have. The essays are short – two to three pages each. The book’s been on my reading list for a several years and I recently dug it out and beCD_ThisIBelieve_1024x1024gan reading, again. Originally, I had planned to write my own ‘This I Believe’ essay and I suppose, I already have, of sorts.

A few of the essays begin with simple “I believe in ….‘  statements and others are subtler, less direct.

I know what I believe in, but it’s difficult to put it into words especially when I’ve been spending over fifty-four years putting it in to action – though admittedly, some days are more successfully than others.

I am an optimist and I believe…..

I believe in barbecue….

I believe in that life is better…….

Are only a few of the starters I’ve come up with so far. I wanted to be serious, then humorous, and then serious with a twinge of humor, but I am undecided. However, I am going to start writing. Today.

Today is gonna be a great day. I know it and I can feel it, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Carpe diem.

I believe in making the days count, every day, always. 

Making the Days Count, one day at a time, looking ahead, but firmly planted in my beliefs.

In what do you believe?

Note: The names in my story have been changed to protect then innocent, and not so innocent. Here is the cast of characters that make up my story. Characters are listed in order of appearance.

Mom – my mother, the first person I ever met. She still lives in the home where I grew up in southeast Texas. We talk often and sometimes our conversations start off with the declaration, “I am sorry mom….” I am the oldest. My mom had three boys in three years and spent the net twenty or so years in wonder.

Dad – my father. Dad passed away in 2009 and his cremains were scattered in northern France in June 2010.

Warren – my middle brother, we talk on the phone often, he lives near my mom and my other brother, David my youngest brother. I have occasionally reminded them that I am the oldest, the smartest, the handsomest, the funniest, but only in the occasion of their birthdays. On David’s birthday each year, our ages are consecutive – this year we will 54-53-52. David’s birthday is also my wedding anniversary. And each year on my birthday – 36 days later – our series becomes non-consecutive again.

J – my stepmother who lives in northern Mississippi with her cat.

B – my wife. We met in ’84 and married in ’91. In October ’16 we’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage. She makes me smile, laugh, and all other sorts of emotions.

Grandpa and Grandma – B’s parents and my favorite in-laws. Grandpa passed away in June 2014 and grandma followed in November 2015. They were married for 67 years and were an inspiration to my besides being a second set of parents.

W – our son and our oldest child. He heads off to college this fall.

O – our daughter and our youngest child. She enters the 8th grade this fall.

W and O fill me with all sorts of emotions and a sense of wonder.

Ivy – our lively Brittany Spaniel

That’s it. These are the characters that make up my story and fill it with richness. I am thankful and grateful for their contributions.

Also, my summer reading list is in the Goodreads sidebar widget on the right. I am currently reading Hamilton and This I Believe, concurrently.

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    1. thank you – spent the day on the road, the home for dinner by the lake. Spent a lot of time thinking about what to write after…. I believe in making every day count…. have a wonderful Thursday and beyond.

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