details: a photo challenge

It’s mid-July, school starts in a little over a month. I am not panicking, but wondering. Focus on the BIG rocks, the details have a way of working themselves out.

We are Up North. Michigan, by the lake. Again.

We arrived late last night, slowed by traffic, and our own desire to get off the beaten path. To slow down and relax.

That’s part of why we are drawn to the lake. The other part is family and tradition. Summer by the lake, playing in the water, boating, grilling, dinner at the table as a family, campfires, ‘s’mores, and reconnecting. Down time.

the lake and the moon, late friday night, early Saturday morning
the lake and the moon, late friday night, early Saturday morning

Last week, I posted a photo of the moon over the lake, and last night the moon shone brightly illuminating the lake and bathing the surface with its light. I pulled out my camera, went out onto the dock, and tried to frame what I saw. You can see what I got. Details.

the moon, up close, details
the moon, up close, details

I am never sure what will come out when I press the button and take a photo. I know what I can see, but I am limited by my ability and equipment. Sometimes it works out and I can see details I couldn’t see. And other times, well, it doesn’t come out and I try again. Last night’s photo of the moon revealed details I couldn’t see, but I knew were there.

This morning, the lake was covered in fog and by the time my coffee had finished brewing the fog had lifted.

Saturday morning coffee, the lake, and new day
Saturday morning coffee, the lake, and a new day

B’s taken off to attend a lake property owners meeting in town, Ivy is curled up on the footstool, O is still sleeping upstairs, and thanks to a Facebook post I read this morning, I am listening to a Pat Metheny album I had forgotten I owned. Details.

Today is gonna be a great day, it’s all in the details. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, letting the details sort themselves out, focusing on the BIG picture.

What is in your BIG picture this morning?

Today’s post is inspired by this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Details. For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. Zoom in on details in unexpected places — it can be something from the natural world, or it can be human-made. We’re excited to see what you find with your lens.

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