Solitude – a photo challenge

It’s Saturday and I find myself searching for solitude. It’s been a peaceful day, so far: Men’s group at church, a Saturday morning webinar on Tinker vs. Des Moines, a bit of school work, and a power nap. Earlier, I found a bit of solitude at my desk after the webinar and I’m back after the nap. At the moment, I have the sounds of “Still Wild” by La Mar playing. It has a pleasant beat and it’s peaceful and calming.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and an unofficial national holiday. I don’t have a preference who win, I only hope it’s a good game. In previous years, I have made my predictions known, not this year. Tomorrow will be a busy day getting ready for the coming week.

I read the WordPress e-mail and post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude yesterday after school. I pondered the topic this morning; I was stumped. Finally, it came to me this afternoon.

The lake: magic – a photo challenge.

Saturday afternoon’s view the sun shines

We were up at the lake last for Thanksgiving. We had a good time and celebrated Thanksgiving and enjoyed the peace and solitude of being Up North. We invited our neighbor, Mr. Bill over for Thanksgiving dinner, he’s retired and a full-time resident along the lake. He’s also a diehard Detroit Lions fan and they had won the Thanksgiving Day game with a field goal as time expired. I always look forward to seeing him. When we talk, it was always about family, friends, and the peace and solitude along the lake. Especially, the lake.

At school, my science classes are exploring the movement of the Earth – plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. There is a lot to learn and grasp and cover in the unit. I find it fascinating. My students, less so. I found the video below posted to Vimeo through Hawaii Volcanoes NPS Twitter account -@Volcanoes_NPS – The official Twitter account for Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. Both the tweet and the video are below. The music and the video are surprisingly calming and peaceful. Another layer of solitude.

HAWAI’I VOLCANOES 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

The Earth is constantly changing and so should we. If I am not learning and growing, then I am regressing.

Next week my history students and all of our 8th graders, is the Ellis Island immigration simulation and experience. They get to be an immigrant for a day. We are building up to it in class all next.

Today is gonna be a great day, in fact it already is. Making the Days one day at a time searching for solitude and grateful to find it all sorts of places.

Where do you find your solitude?

Today’s post is inspired by WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude. If you’re finding yourself surrounded by too many people, or too many sensations, or too many obligations, take a quiet moment for yourself. Seek solitude, and reset. Or, perhaps you find yourself isolated too often, and solitude evokes negative emotions that photography can help you work through.

I look forward to seeing your interpretations of this challenge!

7 thoughts on “Solitude – a photo challenge

  1. It’s too bad you can’t whisk your students to Maui for a field trip. Driving up, and then back down the winding road to Hana would give them a memorable experience of volcanic activity and its effect on the earth.

    I’m glad you are there staying true to science and education. It makes me hopeful.

    Enjoy your solitude wherever you find it.

    1. Thanks – I’d love to whisk them to Hawaii that would be an amazing trip. We switched curriculum to align with the new national science standards and feels awkward… the method transfers the learning to the students which is counter-intuitive…. they are more in the discovery and negotiation phase with the content. It is a huge shift in instruction. I enjoyed watching the video. Tomorrow I drive the church bus and pick up the folks who do not drive anymore – it’s an uplifting experience. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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