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It’s Saturday morning and I’m home, on the deck. I’ll be back at the lake later this evening, but for the moment I am home. I drove home Friday. I left in the morning hoping to avoid the weekend traffic and it almost worked.

I was able to catch up with W, run a couple of errands, workout, and eat dinner before calling it a day. I have an appointment later this morning, then I am returning to the lake.

This morning I woke, made the coffee, and enjoying my morning on the deck. It was peaceful and calm, until the neighbor’s yard crew arrived. My yard crew (W) is still sleeping, he mowed yesterday and the yard looks grand.

This morning, I walked the garden and discovered a few more lilies had bloomed and the coneflowers had emerged. I love our garden at this time of the day. Beginning in the spring and throughout the summer the garden blossoms bringing color to the backyard. Earlier while sitting at table, I glanced to my left and a hummingbird floated, I watched and before I could take a photo, it disappeared. I am certain if I waited it would reappear seeking more nectar.

Earlier this week, I was walking the yard at the lake enjoying the colors of the lilies and the zinnias B has planted. The plantings at the lake house are the vision of my late mother-in-law and her fingerprint is here, at home too, a bridge of sorts.

There are bridges everywhere – between past and present, between mother and daughter, father and son, and present and future. As Abraham Lincoln so eloquently wrote,

“The past is the cause of the present, and the present will be the cause of the future.”

The yard crew has moved down the street and while I can still hear the mowers and blowers, the noise is faint. The neighborhood is awake. Today is gonna be a great day, it really is. This evening I’ll be back by the lake. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, enjoying the summer and bridging the links between past, present, and the future.

What bridges will you cross today, or tomorrow?

Today’s post is inspired by this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge. For this challenge, interpret the theme “bridge.” You can go the same route as I did and capture any type or style of bridge where you are, or go deeper and take a snapshot of something or someone that acts as a bridge in your life: a link, a connection, a mediator.

Have fun — we look forward to your takes!

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    1. thank you – color is everywhere in the summer….it’s been wet this year and I get out in the morning and in the evening when the light is at it’s best. I am sure there is at least one colorful potted plant on the Baer House porch……

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