weathered – a photo challenge

Sunday morning. It was cold out -11 if you use the metric system, or 12 if you use the English system. Whichever scale you use, it’s still cold. It was much warmer Wednesday and Thursday with rain and all the snow melted, but on Friday, January’s cold returned.

I shouldn’t be surprised, it is January and I do live in the Midwest where January temperatures are often below freezing. Often, well below freezing.

my favorite deck chair, weathered and exposed

Freezing temperatures create problems for us here, they harden the ground and create potholes in the roads making travel sometimes hazardous. The freeze and thaw season comes later in winter when the sun’s rises higher in the sky and temperatures rise above freezing during the day and plunge back below freezing at night. That’s when the real weathering begins – freeze and thaw – and it wreaks havoc on roads and anything manmade, or even natural. Rocks break down into smaller rocks, then pebbles, and even smaller. It’s a vicious cycle, yet it’s an essential part of our world. Nothing is really permanent, everything is in transit – from somewhere to someplace.

It’s Monday morning and it’s -7, 18F or so, it’s actually warmed up, so to speak. It began snowing Sunday evening and the ground which was bare this morning, is coated with a fresh layer of white snow. The world is a much brighter place this morning.

trees out back, the snow continues to fall

The days pass quickly and like the weather, a new day is fresh, clean, and ready to be weathered away by time and the elements.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday national holiday and we’re off school and there is no mail, and the banks are closed. O has her first first semester finals this week and I have the beginning of a new semester for my students. So, today is like an additional Saturday or Sunday so I’ll be working on school work, house chores, or helping O prepare for her World Civ final… regardless, the day will zip past and it will be Tuesday before I know it, weathered away by time.

It’s gonna be a great day, the past two days have been fabulous. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, wearing away each day and revealing a new day.

What will you do with your new day?

Today’s post is inspired by this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered. How will you interpret weathered? Will you capture a lined, smiling face as you practice street photography? A piece of beach glass worn smooth by the waves? A snow-covered path carved by the wind? Have fun with your interpretation!

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    1. yes, but not sitting in the chair. Yesterday it was in the 40s, today it will be in the low 50s with rain, then we plunge back below freezing. The snow has melted, at least most of it. We are 1/3 through winter and spring is on the way. Thanks for stopping in – peace.

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