Three things for the FIRST day of summer

It’s Saturday morning, the first day of summer, and for the moment it’s not raining – though rain is in the forecast. Three things to celebrate.

Saturday morning used to be my ‘go to’ writing time, but for the past year I have been letting it slip by filled with other tasks. I have been occupied with other things and Word Press stopped its Weekly Photo Challenge. I went back in time to check out my last WP Photo Challenge posted exactly a year ago tomorrow. All-time Favorites… a photo challenge.

It’s the first day of summer according to meteorologists. Meteorologists, or weathermen, consider summer to be June, July, and August. Of course, some of us believe summer won’t officially start until the solstice, or in my case until school is out. And there are the folks who hold fast to the idea that summer begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day. But however, you define it, it’s summer.

The school year is a little longer this year. We had five days added to our calendar; two days for snow, two days for extreme cold, and another day was added to school calendar for Good Friday – somehow the Good Friday was overlooked when the calendar was adopted last year. Nevertheless, school is out next Friday for me and next Thursday for my eighth graders.

Every year about his time I look back to where I was in August when the school year began and reflect on the successes and failures of the school year. It’s where the blog began and this post marks the first post of my tenth year at

As I look back at the year of 2019-19 and the 2009-10 – the two years have much in common. I used that first summer of blogging to practice writing and process the previous year. It was an exciting to write and I began to read and explore other blogs. I hope to reignite that writing passion this summer.

In with the new….
But, not out with the old. Nine years ago, we had adopted a puppy. That puppy is now a dog and she is the best dog ever. Ivy has woven herself in to the fabric of our family.

Ivy as a puppy – four months old. June 2010

Two weeks ago, we added Fern.

Both are the same breed and look very similar – both are liver and white. But they are from different breeders. So far, as you can see, the blending is slow. Fern is nine weeks old and Ivy nine years old, I am hopeful you can teach a old dog new tricks and I have hope and positivity that Fern will capture Ivy’s heart like she has ours. I remember a lot from that first year with Ivy but, I’ve also forgotten how much work a new puppy is….I am hopeful and positive.

Never forget
Last weekend was Memorial Day. The day when we remember those servicemembers who gave their lives protecting our country.

O marched in the local parade and I remember my first post about Memorial Day in 2010.

Each year as Memorial Day near, I work with my students to help them understand the importance of Memorial Day. This year I shared the story of Maarten Vossen and the James E. Wickline. It’s a remarkable story of devotion and determination. Here is the trailer for the documentary Ageless Friends – If you have an hour to view it, I recommend it.

As I prepared last week’s history lesson and watched the full-length video with my students, I was reminded of how grateful I am to men like James E. Wickline, my father-in-law, my day, and my son who serve(d) our country. Here is the trailer….

Ageless Friends (Official trailer) from Marijn Poels on Vimeo.

My students watched the video over three days and we discussed the point and connected it to our learning – one student put it perfectly:

“I learned that it is very important to remember our fallen soldiers and the ‘greatest generation.’ I also learned that if you put your mind to it you can do anything.” 8th grade student

So that’s my three things for Saturday – motivation, in with the new, and never forget. I have other things to do as I always do on a Saturday morning, but for now that’s my three.

I have BIG plans for summer break – training a new puppy, learning and growing, and working to make all of days count – which oddly sounds like my first post. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. It’s Saturday and I have a whole NEW day to make it count. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, it’s déjà vu all over again.

What is making you look back these days?

8 thoughts on “Three things for the FIRST day of summer

  1. 10 years! WOW! That sounds like an amazing set of stories you compiled with a great theme too … making the days count. I’ve always loved your purpose… always a good reminder. Looking back is something I do too 😉 it’s also great to look back when you have dogs and think of how small they were when they had those puppy eyes. Hope the training is going well and that your days this summer are counting.

    1. Thank you! It’s been busy – the first three weeks have flown past. I have been avoiding sitting down to write, but I have plenty of material. The puppy is progressing, we have our ups and downs, but mostly ups. It’s all good and both of our puppies help make my days count. have a wonderful day.

  2. I LOVE the new puppy. I’m ready to get another dog, preferably puppy, but my husband doesn’t think it’s time yet. We both still really miss our Sherlock. I’m guessing soon we’ll be adding an addition to the family.

    Thanks for sharing the cuteness. I can’t wait for more pictures.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. A puppy is something new that changes all that you do in your home, in a good way. Love counts and there is nothing better than the look and love you get from your puppy, regardless of age. More photos are on the way, just need to process my journey – it was amazing in more than one way. Thanks for everything.

  3. Those two dogs – adorable! I always laugh when I see a small dog trying to impress a bigger or/and older one with jumping about and barking….. and the older/bigger dog just cannot be bothered! 🙂
    I’m not a great ‘looker back’ – I take one day after the other. If I didn’t do that I’d get crazy. I have far too much drama in each and every day – but I’m also a great believer in cultivating kindness, acceptance and love. So I guess it will all end on a positive note.

    1. Kiki – thank you. Two dogs is definitely more work… and different work.The two are making progress on the friendship front and Ivy is a good mentor for Fern, Fern just wants to have fun and Ivy prefers the ways things were…. I have to laugh at that. Love wins, always and change is constant. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  4. Ivy is beautiful, and pretty patient, even when she gets up and moves to higher ground. Fern is adorable. I remember puppy (our Katie is 12, but I remember) and it WAS a lot of work. If you couldn’t see her, then she was likely getting into trouble. I was in grad school, so home more than if I had a full time job. Katie spent a lot of time in her big kennel right next to my desk trying to look adorable enough to get sprung. She often did. I wish you and your family, and Ivy the best with little Fern! It’s going to be a great summer!

    1. Thank you, I read your comment several weeks ago and laughed, I read again this morning and laughed harder. It is so true, its when I can’t see (or hear) Fern is when there is real trouble. She finds the most odd things to chew on or play with… but it’s all good and we are learning, changing, and adapting to our puppies. There is a little progress on the friendship front. but there will come a day when Fern is the same size as Ivy and things might be a bit different. Have a great week! Peace.

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