W^2 – prairie

A solitary prairie grass shoulders the snow, Herrick Lake Forest Preserve, Wheaton, IL.  Monday, January 18, 2021  12:52 PM

One of the joys and blessings of this pandemic is making time (and taking time) to get out and move purposefully outside. Herrick Lake is a short drive from home and there is much to take in on a mid-afternoon walk with my puppy Fern (not pictured). Making the Days COUNT, one day at a time, especially when I make time to be mindful.

How have you used the pandemic for good?

9 thoughts on “W^2 – prairie

    1. Patricia – this morning it was 8 degrees outside and I worked at the food pantry loading cars for a couple of hours and I am planning to take Fern on a walk in a few minutes. It will do both of us good. It’s warmed up to 20 or so and clouds are rolling in. I used to try to listen to a podcast or music while I walked but have discovered that listening to the world – natural and man – is far more restful while I move forward through my day. Have a wonderful day and peace.

  1. Your photo reminds me of some I’ve taken at Katie’s park. I’m using the pandemic for sleep, for avoiding cleaning closets, for painting and for taking long walks with my girl. I don’t know if any of that makes the world a better place, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

    1. Thanks for popping in…..I am pretty good at avoiding stuff I don’t want to do, too! I have found that walking outside and listening to the world – the wind, the trees, the birds, and even some of the human noise – the road and freeway noise and planes flying overhead – is good for my well-being. I make a point to say a hearty hello to walkers I encounter… many return the greeting and others…. well, are tuned in to something else. I do all I can to make the days count. Peace.

    1. I’ve been making time to get out and walk at least one ‘long’ each weekend. Our school district has mandated that teachers teach from their classrooms at least two days each week since early October, so I have been teaching from school and getting out of the house several days of the week. Starting this Tuesday we will have students in the classroom I am excited and nervous all at the same time – but I know it will work out. It will be wonderful to have the school filled with kids again. Still making the days count. Peace.

      1. We are all over the place with the response to the virus…..some parents pushing to get their kids back in school and others keeping them at home – we are on an A\B schedule with the classes divided in half coming in on T-W, and Th-F and the other half tuning in from home. Parents had the choice to send their kids to school or not. Only a third chose to get their children back in school. Time will tell, but i am planning for a choppy week and paying for a lot of grace this coming week. Stay tuned…. and stay well. Peace.

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