what I am planning for summer break 2022

It’s summer, day 9 to be precise. I am a counter. I count the days and I try to make the time count, too. Sometimes I do, sometimes I come up short, but I am reminded that

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…. Ecclesiastes 3:1

It reminds me to do better and to be present.

I am at the lake for a short trip, and I am headed home early Monday morning to do some of the things I said I’d do when summer came and so far, it’s a work in progress. This morning I awoke to a silent lake and fog lifting off the surface and hanging over the lake. It happens when warmer water interacts with cooler air – it’s science in action and I love how it looks in the early morning light.

morning fog, Lake Margrethe, Grayling, MI June 11, 2022 at 6:29 EDT

I re-read last year’s summer post Three things for a mid-June Sunday morning and I did well in 2021. I wrote when I could, and I enjoyed the backyard birds and even branched out to birding by the lake. I re-centered myself last summer and I think last school year was my best year as an educator, yet there is still room for growth, there always is.

Today’s post will be the first post of my 13th year of blogging. Oh, how far I have come and yet I have never left where I began. I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish this summer. Every summer is different and this year I have 73 days of summer to accomplish whatever I choose.

Each summer I set out to work on relationships, fitness, health, adventure, reading, being present, and being prepared and mentally ready when school starts in the fall. Some summers have been better than other, but each summer I grow and learn even just a little bit.

I want to continue to work on me and do many of the things I said I’d do when I have more time in the summer. #becuaseIsaidIwould

I have an ambitious plan this summer to go on a solo week-long baseball trip this summer. I been dreaming of going to all 30 of MLB’s home fields before, well you know, I am no longer able. So, this summer I am going to a week of baseball – 7 cities, 7 games, and 10 teams – and I am going to get to see my favorite team, the Houston Astros twice. I’ll grow my list of baseball cities to 18 and my venues to 20 – a couple of teams are on their second stadiums.

I am excited. I hope to check in with a long-time friend, visit my grandparents’ graves, and maybe see a game with another friend or two to wrap up the trip.

I am also excited about continuing to grow and learn, too and to give back more than I take. It’s going to be an amazing summer and I’ll continue to write and post my adventures and insights along the way.

I have more in the works, but the day is starting, and I need to get moving so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count since 1961 and writing about it since 2010. It’s gonna be a great day…

What are your BIG plans for the summer?

5 thoughts on “what I am planning for summer break 2022

  1. Dude! First off congratulations on 13 years! That’s an awesome milestone. All those stories … sorry I came late to the count. But I am digging the idea of you and 73 Days of Summer. I like that you’re revisiting your goals. That’s a great way to reconnect. 73 Days. I better get on it 🙂 Thanks for the reminder. The baseball stadium adventure sounds great my son and I think of doing that. Sounds like a great road trip but seeing how we’re Dodger fans I think we might skip Houston:) But I am happy that you got your baseball cap and are ready to make the days count this summer. And … and … that picture of the lake was good! Peaceful. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you. Like you, I have been at this blogging thing for a while. Summer is like New Years for teachers or maybe it’s just me. It’s a time to reflect, refocus, and reset for the coming year. It’s also a chance to ‘audition’ for retirement as I’m a lot closer to the end of my teaching career than I was when I started blogging and when I look back I can see how far I’ve come. Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful day. Peace.

    1. Your post inspired me to write about the lake, the fog greeted me in the morning, but had lifted by the time I began to write. The sharing part of making the days count is the one that brings the most joy. I replied to your reply comment on your blog but I think it went to spam – I supplied a link to a podcast about the benefits of ‘blue spaces.’ In case it vanished here is the link, https://www.cnn.com/audio/podcasts/chasing-life/episodes/1cdedb3b-c61e-47e0-bb7b-aea00145dc9e I am going to make the most of my Sunday, hope you do too. Peace.

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