last day of summer break

It’s Sunday and I am sitting at my summer office and listening to the gentle whirrrrr of the hummingbird at the feeder to my upper left. It’s Sunday morning quiet and except for the occasional car, truck, or airplane I can hear the birds singing in the trees. Fern and Ivy laying nearby enjoying the time outside.

Friday evening, I noticed it seemed darker than normal at 8:15 PM. Early Saturday morning, I read the morning New York Times email which confirmed Friday evening’s observation, summer is waning.

Confirmation of my observation piqued my curiosity so, I researched. As it turned out, Wednesday August 9th was also the final 8 PM sunset for this summer where I live. The next 8 PM sunset won’t occur for another 274 days or until May 9th. Being curious, I researched further, here are some lasts and nexts, in case you are wondering:

  • the last 7 PM sunset 9/15/2022, the next 7PM sunset, 3/17/2023
  • the last 6 PM sunset 10/22/2022, the next 6PM sunset, 3/12/2023
    change in daylight savings time occurs 3/11/2023
  • the last 5 PM sunset 11/5/2022 at 5:41 PM but the shift away from daylight savings time makes the sunset on 11/6/2022 – 4:40 PM, the next 5PM sunset, 1/27/2023
  • the earliest sunset occurs at 4:21 PM between 12/3 to 12/14/2022

If you are curious, you can research your location using the Time and Date sun calculator. There is a plethora of information: sunrise, sunset, sun angle, and more.

I am an early riser. At the height of summer, the sun rises early, and it is light before 6 AM. The sunrise has been later each day, too. Summer is waning.

lions, wildebeest, Fern, and other beasts of the wild fill our summer backyard….

Today is the seventy-third and FINAL day of my summer break. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at school to prepare to welcome new students in my room on Thursday.

It’s not all gloom. It has been a summer filled with summer travel, summer relaxation, and summer fun. I was reminded by a blogger friend this morning about is truly worth it. I have a baseball trip planned to add to my stadium total and I plan (hope) to create a post when it happens.

Tonight’s sunset occurs at 7:53. My next summer break sunset will be in 295 days on June 5th when the sun will set at 8:23 PM. In between, I’ll continue to watch the birds, enjoy baseball, moving purposefully, and make every day count in some way, big or small.

Ferris Bueller and Ecclesiastes remind of the significance of summer and time.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

With the finish of summer break brings school, fall, high school football season, crisp cool nights, and even snow. Each season brings something new and wondrous.

Today marks the finish of summer break and it is going to be an amazing day, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Tomorrow could be a million and six times better, but I’ll focus on the present. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, whether it’s the end, the start, or the middle, taking each day as it comes.

What have you noticed about summer lately? Or life in general?

6 thoughts on “last day of summer break

  1. What a lovely and interesting post. We noticed too, and compared yesterday’s open-air cinema *Downton Abbey A new era* with an earlier one we saw at our little lake (*The Duke*) – night falls much earlier, a jumper, and in our case, a hood against three little showers, the first ones in eons , were needed….. When sitting outside late, we light again plenty of candles, until 2 was ago, it looked kind of stupid to light them when it didn’t get dark.
    Wishing you a great start with the ‘kids’ and only good days.

    1. We hit the last 7PM sunset this week and I remembered I hadn’t replied to the comments on this post. Please excuse the delay. School is off to a GREAT start. Monday will mark day 20 are learning and growing faster than they know it. I noticed last night it was pitch black by 7:30. Summer is a good time, but there is a time and a place for all things. Thank you for stopping in. Peace.

    1. Sorry for the delay. We had our last 7PM sunset until April of next year this past week. I’ve been bad about replying to comments. I notice the same phenomena with our lake house, it’s 3 degrees further north latitude and the days are longer in the summer. But on Thursday daylight almost equal everywhere on Earth… the range will be from 12H4M to 12H19M based on the data I collected a few years ago. I checked the weather forecast for the coming week and it appears a downturn in temperatures are inshore fro the last half of September. Enjoy you Sunday.

  2. I’ve noticed that every season is moving faster and faster now that I’m retired. I’d like it to all slow down, but my grandma told me, 40 or more years ago that it just goes faster as you age. No stopping it, so might as well fill it to the brim with adventure!

    1. Exactly. I think it goes as fast as we can handle. it’s all about balance. I am looking forward to being able to sleep with the windows open and seeing a little bit of fall color, though the trees can keep their leaves for the time being. Take care and thank you for stopping in. Enjoy your Sunday.

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