a foggy Sunday dozen

This morning I awoke to a fog enshrouded lake, yesterday it was rainy.  Later today, it will be sunny. We get it all here.

in homage to the last two blogposts, black and white with a pinch of color…

This morning when I first looked out, I could see as far as the speedboat – about a hundred yards, but a couple of hours later we could make out the opposite shore, barely.

I walked to the end of the dock and captured a few images, a dozen or so, before the fog lifted. I’ll let the images tell the story.

I am headed home this afternoon; I have appointments and obligations. We all do. Lake life is relaxing and uplifting, but I spend nine months promising myself I’ll do a ‘few things’ when summer arrives. I need to keep a few promises to myself.

Today is going to be an amazing day, perhaps a million and six times better than the day before. Growth means better every day and Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What is in your vision this morning?

6 thoughts on “a foggy Sunday dozen

  1. Ohhhh….if I were sitting at the lake I’m pretty sure you’d need a crowbar to get me to move away. My favorite of all these shots (excluding the dog shots because of course if the dog shots were included they’d win) is the one of the mirror lake with the little boat lift out there, all of it melting into the sky.

    1. Thanks Dawn! It IS difficult to go home, but going it is what makes it exciting to go back. I spent April and May there in 2020 during the lockout and enjoyed every moment of the time, but I did miss home. Thanks for stopping in and keep enjoying your summer and Penny!

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