Days 73 and 74: The Doghouse in the Nile just says it all...

Monday and Tuesday were much the same: I stayed home and worked in the basement and walked Ivy occasionally. It was too warm and muggy to want to be outside, though I did sit outside and read Monday afternoon. I had Ivy on the tether and she was barking so, I went outside and sat down and she stopped. She was content to lie beneath the chair while I read. Otherwise, my sole outdoor activity was simply walking Ivy.

Ivy and I were the only ones home: Beth and the kids were at the cottage supervising the installation of the master bathroom shower. The tile workers were there early Monday morning and came back to install the tile on Tuesday. I do not know how long it will take but it is quiet at home in Wheaton. So quiet, that maybe I could accomplish a few of the remaining tasks on my summer list. Like starting a diet and exercise program and cleaning my desk downstairs.

This is the time of summer vacation I dread, the end. In the song “Today is Gonna be a Great day” the second line is ‘and school comes along just to end it,’ and I feel that way at this time of summer. In some ways I am in denial, summer is over, and I am going to need to buckle down and start getting up early, dressing, and being at school ready to teach kids. I enjoy teaching kids, but I just enjoy summer more.

As I have written in previous posts, this summer has been great.  I have spent much needed quality time with my family where I have seen both William and Olivia grow right before my eyes. I have been able to put my father’s passing behind me and I have seen my brothers as well.

Nevertheless, there is something missing, or so it seems. I am not talking about the yard work or home repairs I promised I would get to when school was out and I had more time. So with less than ten days before school resumes I spent most of the Monday and Tuesday working downstairs cleaning, sorting, and organizing my desk. I am going through my piles of paper and choosing keep or recycle. There is much to be recycled, too much. I did make a leap by restarting the South Beach Diet, which I had used it several summers ago to eat healthier, and I felt much better. As part of the diet kickoff, I have to give up ice cream, that will be difficult, but I can do it, again. Also, I need to get regular exercise and Ivy I took long walks on both days – we were both tired at the end of the walk, though only Ivy was able to take a nap when we got home.

So in short, the two days have been busy but hardly much to write about. The days counted but not in the same way the mile swim, or the canoe race, or even swimming and watching Nemo. However, they counted. School begins next week on Thursday with a workday. I will be popping in to school later this week and early next week to open boxes and set up my classrooms. In the meantime, I have work to do and miles to go before I sleep.

2 thoughts on “Days 73 and 74: The Doghouse in the Nile

  1. Getting back to school for teachers is not any easier than it is for kids… I remember the dread of anticipating school starting, once it started though it was better… thanks for helping me remember this

    1. John – the kids are great – I too remember the anticipation of getting back to school – vacation ending is never easy whether summer, Christmas, or Spring Break…. time away from school flies by, but learning never ends…. thanks

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