New Year’s Day

A panoramic view of the lake - you can see the ice on the lake.

New Year’s Day is meant to be a day to watch college bowl games or at least that is what I grew up doing. I remember my first memory of New Year’s Day and it was New Year’s 1971. 1971 was the year that cigarette advertisements on television were outlawed and the Marlboro man was history. I remember the Cotton Bowl from Dallas and watched Notre Dame defeat Texas. I was in third grade; I remember watching the game with my dad and rooting for Notre Dame with my dad who was a rooting for Texas, I was sort of a contrarian, much as William is with me I do not know why maybe it is the idea of being in opposition or just plain being ornery. My dad would have the last laugh when I supported McGovern in 1972 and he had Nixon and it was a slam-dunk.

That was forty years ago and I was in third grade, there were only a handful of bowl games and the big ones, Cotton, Rose, Sugar, and Orange were all played on New Year’s Day; this year and there are thirty-five college bowl games, culminating in a national championship game on January 10th. Today on New Year’s Day, there are six bowl games and only a couple hold my interest. Northwestern vs. Texas Tech in the Ticket City Bowl from Dallas, Texas  in the Cotton Bowl – I am rooting for Northwestern it is great to see a university where a college education is important and a former Boy Scout from Troop 35 is playing for the Wildcats. The other game is the Rose Bowl pitting TCU against Wisconsin. I will be rooting for the Horned Frogs of TCU they are an old Southwest Conference team and I am somewhat of a homer. I like to support the old teams from my youth. I was a member of the Corps of Cadets and attended many Aggie games while I went to school at A&M, I will always be an Aggie fan. The Aggies play in the Cotton Bowl on Friday the 7th against LSU and I am sure it will be an exciting game, I’ll be watching.

Ivy curls up and stays warm by the front door, what a great idea!

The way things are looking, I won’t be able to watch many bowl games and I’ll have to survive with just listening. Beth wants to head back today and get a start to the week at home and get the kids ready to go back to school, it is too much like a holiday when we are up here. I agree it has been fun and I enjoy the peace and solitude, Ivy does, too. The day started out with clear skies and cool temperatures and it has since become cloudy, windy with strong gusts, and gotten much colder. I am not sure I sure what we will be doing, but I better finish this and get moving and packing or I’ll be driving in the dark! Making the Days Count; one day at a time.

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