Pridie Aprilis – last day of March

End of March, last day of the first quarter, March thirty-first, or the day before April Fool’s. The Romans used a different calendar and thankfully Julius Caesar reformed it and later Pope Gregory added his touches but for the ways to say a date no one beats the Romans. The Ides of March, which appears as a warning to Julius in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” is the fifteenth of Martius.  The Romans used Kalends, Nones, Ides, and Pridie to mark the days of the month. Pretty interesting. Today would either be the ‘post diem XVI Id. Mart.’ for the sixteenth day after the Ides of March or ‘pr. Kal. Apr.’ for the day before the Kalends where Kalends are the first day of the month – always.

Our time at the cottage has gone quickly, much too quickly. We have been busy. Despite the dire warnings of my last post, it has been surprisingly warm, well warm as long as the sun is shining and it has been shining.  It was very cold Monday morning dipping below freezing but it warmed into the upper thirties. Every day this week has been similar with cold nights and warmer sunny days. The kids and Ivy have enjoyed time outside in the sun. William was determined to go ice fishing and carved a hole in the ice only to find the water was only two to three feet deep!  No fishing.

I have had fun cooking – barbecue chicken, chili, and beef rib roast. It has been fun eating at the table and having fun together. It has been light when we eat and it feels almost like summer. There is something about the sunlight that changes my perspective. The sun felt warmed my back as I cooked the chicken Monday afternoon, but as it went down, I could feel the chill. The later afternoon sun has warmed the front room making it cozy and comfortable. Our nights have been spent playing cards and games with the kids. Fish, blackjack (aka twenty-one) and poker – all just for fun. Grandpa plays and teaches, grandma watches, and Ivy sleeps.  

Pridie Aprilis or March 31st, but, no matter how you say it or write it, it records the passing of time. So far, we have had ninety days of 2011 and they all add up to a busy year, which I expect will only get busier when we return to school next week. The fourth quarter begins and so does working harder to make the days count. It will be a struggle as the days get warmer and longer and attention spans get shorter.  As for Spring Break, I have not worked on any of my to do’s and still need to get moving. However, it is far more fun to relax and enjoy spending time up here at the cottage. Last night, a deer crept up the lake and was in the next-door neighbor’s front yard looking our way before Ivy sensed it and raised alarm – by barking! I had better get moving and working to make the day count by working on to dos. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one task at a time!

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