Thursday news from camp

Yesterday seems lost when I look back but it wasn’t, it was filled with the sights, sounds, and memories of scout camp. I busied myself with visiting a couple of program areas and checking off requirements for the Geezer merit badge, I swam a half-mile in the afternoon with William, and I took only six pictures. I have no idea how that happened. However, I did get a good night’s sleep and woke up rested this morning.

Last night was open activity for scouts and adults across the waterfront, at personal wellness, and handicraft with games and time for kids to work on projects needing to be finished before Friday and the end of camp. I sat at the picnic table across from the dining hall, rummaged through the advancement slips from all of the counselors, and made notes on who I need to follow up with today. They have been working on advancement or merit badges and most scouts will have completed them by end of today. Our newest scouts will have earned tenderfoot and second class ranks by the end of camp and be well on their way to earning first class by this fall’s court of honor. The older scouts are working towards advancement, which requires merit badges, service, and leadership; and they are all well on their ways.

I remember my scouting days, I reached second class scout rank and I believe I earned five merit badges: music, rifle shooting, swimming, and I don’t recall the other two. I distinctly remember the requirements for the merit badges and being overwhelmed with completing them. I’d get started and not finish and one of the reasons I never made it past those points is I had not developed the organization skills to complete what I started. I had several unfinished merit badges and unfinished requirements when I quit scouting in 8th grade. Looking back thirty-six years is never easy and quitting scouting is one of my many regrets.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I did not take many pictures of camp Thursday but I can tell you what I saw.

I saw a scout staying behind in handicraft and working on a woodcarving project – in his free time. When I asked what he was doing he took time to explain and showed me how to get started carving my own woodcarving.

I saw scouts enjoying karaoke night in the dining hall. They were laughing, giggling, and enjoying the evening.

I saw our scouts playing dodge ball at personal wellness and I heard they won the camp championship.

I saw our scouts out at shooting sports practicing with the shotgun, a 22-caliber rifle, and a bow and arrow.

I saw scouts rappelling down the climbing wall to fulfill a requirement for the camping merit badge.

I saw scouts sitting outside their tent talking amongst themselves about camp and what they’ve done while they were here.

At the waterfront, I saw our scouts kayaking and canoeing and I saw a few scouts swimming and playing on the trampoline

And most of all I saw scouts learning, growing, and making friends and memories they’ll never forget. No, I didn’t take many pictures yesterday, but I have memories to last a lifetime. Friday is our last full day at camp and I, and all the adult leaders, have been encouraging our boys to make the most of it, to make it count. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

a reminder as we walk out of the program center (camp office) into the camp

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