Catchin’ up

a leaf from the maple, picked this morning

Monday night I came home to be with Olivia. Monday night has been harried for me this year because I have to get out of school and home before Olivia makes it home from school. William has a standing appointment and that leaves Olivia unsupervised, unless I am there. Until this past Monday, Monday also included softball practice and an opportunity to get outside. But, on Saturday Olivia’s softball season ended with an 8-1 win and the Fall League championship, way to go.

Way to go for the championship, not the end of the season. Olivia really developed this fall and was a key player throughout the season with her hitting and fielding, as all the girls were. With no softball practice, it would have been easy to sit down and catch up on grading, or homework, or some other calm activity. Instead we took Ivy to the dog park. I was glad we did.

It was a beautiful afternoon, not quite cool, but not warm, about 60 degrees or so, a perfect outdoor fall temperature. Ivy whined and whimpered in the car, she always does when we take her to the dog park. I am never sure if it means has to go potty, or is glad we are in the car and she recognizes the way, or what, but she was very happy when we arrived and pulled at the leash to the entrance. Once we were inside the fence – it is a fenced dog park – she was off and running and enjoying the freedom. Olivia and I walked the path and enjoyed watching Ivy run, jump, dart, dash, and explore. She’s been there many times, but it seems as if each visit is a new adventure. She played with other dogs, sniffed – as all dogs do, and did her business – she did have to go. The park is on several acres and is large enough for a 8-10 minute walk in a look around prairie plants and a few trees. As Olivia and I walked Ivy stayed close – running ahead and then running back, circling, and heading off. We talked about school, mainly hers, but she asked about my students, but we mostly talked about how much fun Ivy seemed to be having. I was enjoying the walk, the weather, and simply being outside.

There were a couple of oak trees whose leaves had turned a beautiful red-brown color; I pulled off a few leaves and collected them. With the leaves I had an idea; I wanted to send my mom some leaves to share the fall color. In front of our there is maple tree that turns a beautiful red-orange, which pictures never seem to do justice.  When we got home with a tired dog and a hungry Olivia, I plucked a couple of maple leaves and added them to my collection.

my first pick, in the dark, was hardly red at all

After dinner, I got writing material, and envelope, and set the leaves aside planning to write a letter. That was two days ago, or really tow and a half days ago. I wrote the letter last night and the envelope lies beside me complete, full of leaves, addressed, and stamped ready to go. I only hope the leaves arrive in tact. I had more to do than write, but it is what I needed to do this morning, more than just wanted to do, but needed to do.

The first quarter is over and my students and I have 45 days behind us with 127 more to. But, if you have been following along you know I don’t count the days, but strive to make them count. Today is gonna be great day, I know it. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What have you done LATELY to make your days count?

2 thoughts on “Catchin’ up

  1. Over the years my cousin has sent me fall leaves from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I save them every year and get them out for a a dining room table decoration. Some are very fragile and faded but with that ‘fall’ falls from the envelope and fall is in the room.

    It will be wonderful to have some bright leaves to savor the scent of this fall. I’ll look forward to getting your letter.

    1. right outside my classroom are two maples – they are the prettiest red and they light up my room in the late afternoon when I am working and grading papers – long after the kids have gone for the day. I hope the leaves get there in one piece!

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