Parades – A Photo Essay

There is nothing like a parade, especially on the Fourth of July. We took in two – the parade in town at 11 AM and the boat parade on the lake at 3PM.

all of us - O, me, W, and B
all of us – O, me, W, and B

July always seems like a busy month, I suppose all of the months are busy, but it’s July and I am in the moment. I’ve been flashing back and forth from past to present and present to past lately, some of it triggered by where I am and some where I’ve been. I needed something in between.

July means Independence Day, Bastille Day, my stepmother’s birthday, and my mother-in-law’s birthday (she is my favorite mother-in-law) – those two birthdays are only four days and seven years apart. There’s sport – Wimbledon, le Tour, the British Open, and every four years – the Olympics and the World Cup… and then there is the local sport – the Au Sable River Canoe Marathon in late July. It also means being at the lake and celebrating lake style – being outdoors, being with family, and staying up late, and of course waking late as well. Fun, fishing, swimming, boating, friends, and fireworks.

It was a great day and it seems like it was a million years ago, though it was only three. We took in the town parade, and then the kids disappeared down the lake to their friend’s cottage. I sat down to enjoy the peace and solitude to write a few postcards and a letter before B and I headed out on the lake to inspect the boat parade. The parade was short only eleven boats but it was fun to watch. We also go to see W up on a wakeboard. We hosted dinner – burgers and dogs – and then were off to the fireworks. The town fireworks begin late, because it gets dark late here, well after 10PM. But, we oooooed and ahhhhhed at the fireworks, and then when they were done we were back on the lake. My head hit the pillow and I was done.

Saturday and Sunday flew past – chores, tasks that needed to be done and then today arrived. W and I head out this afternoon; homeward bound. I plan to stop to take in another Lake Michigan sunset and oohh and aahhh nature’s fireworks. It’s gonna be a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one fireworks display, one parade, one moment.

What moments filled your weekend?

10 thoughts on “Parades – A Photo Essay

    1. Thanks – getting away up North is always fun and full. Days last well past dark often until 11 or 12. It doesn’t get dark until ten and there is always a campfilere on the lake or some game the kids are playing. It’s great to get away and place to refresh, rethink, and just be.

    1. There will be another parade in that town in late July to celebrate their race – a canoe race marathon that winds 120 miles to Lake Huron it begins at 9PM and lasts until noon the following day. It’s the BIG thing for the town and it gets all decked out in canoe race regalia – nothing like to Le Tour, but for the town, it’s BIG.

  1. I am very happy, indeed, to see what a nice time you and your family had over the fourth. It rained buckets here all day of the fourth, thanks to tropical story Arthur. There have been other years where it has drizzled on the fourth, but not one, as far as I can recollect, that was so mired in gloom. The next morning showed up brilliant, though, thank goodness.

    Enjoy your busy July!

    1. I am sorry you had a wet and dreary 4th of July. I love the day after a storm – the sky is a brilliant blue and clear, especially up North. I am home now. We left yesterday – my son and I. He had football camp and my wife and daughter stayed up at the lake. My son drove the entire way home with only one stop – I am impressed. 360 miles – I coached him on the route and occasionally I would remind him to imagine two kids fighting in the back seat, or one of the children asking to go to the bathroom. I believe he has an appreciation for a long drive now. ZIt’s gonna be a great day! A great week, and great month.

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